Real Steel World Robot Boxing MOD v56.56.223 ( Unlimited money)

Posted 4 months ago by Thuỷ Dương
Name Real Steel World Robot Boxing
Publisher Reliance Big Entertainment
Version 56.56.223
Size 583M
MOD Features Unlimited money
Support Android 4.4+
Get it on Google Play

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is a sports game for players to transform into boxing. Players compete against hand attacks combined with movement of the legs, head, and face. Not just an ordinary athlete, you will compete like a real fighter. Transform into robot boxers competing on the great congress in the world. Use your strengths to play your best. Moving, counter-attacking, and avoiding opponents are all things to do in every match. Real Steel World Robot Boxing will give you the experience of the game like in real life. Always in a proactive posture ready to counterattack from the opponent. Let’s start the martial arts experience and complete the challenge.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing gives players entertainment by immersing themselves in robots. Fight by using your fists to defeat your opponents in the arena. Attack your opponents and become the best boxing gym. Real Steel World Robot Boxing has a simple and easy-to-control way that has attracted many players. The game will help boxing enthusiasts experience in real life. Just control the robot, approach your opponent and attack. Willing to compete in the arena of blood fire to show your talent. Besides, Gods of Boom and Miraculous Ladybug are also one of the fighting games you can refer to.

Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod – Powerful boxer

Attractive and easy to use game mode, Real Steel World Robot Boxing has reached millions of downloads on Google Play. This has proved the success of this game for gamers around the world. Real Steel World Robot Boxing will let you try your best boxing match like a real gym. The subject requires players to have good fighting technique. Know how to find the opponent’s weakness and attack the right target. Make use of your strengths and quickly defeat your opponent. Real Steel World Robot Boxing will give you many wonderful experiences that you cannot miss.

Combat robot

The game consists of 58 robots up to 9 feet tall and weighing about 2,000 pounds. The game will open a fierce battle with the player. Fight and meet familiar robots like Zeus, Atom, Noisy boy & Twin Cities. And many new robots appeared like Touchdown, Blockbuster, Biowar, HollowJack. Each fight with different characters will bring you its own fighting style. Need to grasp the fighting style of each character and fight hard. In addition, you can also colour and improve your robot to be more powerful. The colours and 3D images and punch action create an exciting competition. Not only the professional fighting robot but also the most stylish boxer.

Competition mode

At Real Steel World Robot Boxing, there are many game modes for players to experience. Coming to Career mode, you will build your character into the best boxing gym. In addition, you can compete with friends and relatives through Multiplayer mode. Multiplayer mode allows players to challenge other players here to show their abilities. Many different game modes with many challenges for you to complete. Become a professional boxer competing over all opponents in the world.

Combat mission

The player controls the robot to move to the opponent by touching the character. Use your hand to block the opponent’s attack. Fight attacks by dodging attacks, moving your body to attack your opponent. Real Steel World Robot Boxing also gives you suggestions for what to do when playing. Show how you move and act when you attack, but you also need to know how to combine skills to create a good game. Use up your energy to move towards your opponent and do not hesitate to destroy them. Delivering great performance and asserting his level. The person who wins is the person who defeated the opponent and brought him the prize money. Fight with ability and agility to bring victory.

Become a professional boxer competing with many opponents around the world. Real Steel World Robot Boxing will help you realize your dream of boxing in the arena. Focus on fighting and show your ability to your opponent. Use your full strength and attack techniques to take them down. The game will give you a lot of fun when fighting. Download Real Steel World Robot Boxing mod to compete with the best boxing fighters in the world.


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