Idle games: RPG Merge hero MOD APK (Menu, High damage) 2.2

Updated 13/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameIdle games: RPG Merge hero APK
PublisherIdle Tower Defense
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, High damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle games: RPG Merge hero

Role-play as a hero in the journey and battle between heroes in Idle games: RPG Merge hero. The ability to combine weapons gives you equipment and power in adventure. Your heroes also need to provide you with you the strongest fighting hero. The journey ahead is still long, and you must constantly put things together there. Places with many exciting things will allow you to find equipment and items that combine them. Get yourself the most potent hero by merging weapons and heroes. Fight every enemy in your adventures and upgrade your everything.

The game will bring many surprises throughout the adventures and what happens next is a mystery. The heroes in the game have their birthplace and story. Heroes gain strength from combining and using the equipment you combine for them. You will change the appearance of the heroes after mixing in appearance, and the power will become more outstanding. New heroes will get the ability of the equipment you come from combining. Various items in the game allow you to connect them with characters infinitely. For example, you can create a new hero non-stop when you own equipment and surfaces.

Idle games RPG Merge hero android

Download Idle games: RPG Merge hero mod – Upgrade all your power by combining

The game will be divided into two parts for you to play quickly and separately. First, you can fight with your created warriors during the journey in part. The place to collect and buy fuel and essential items in the game will be separate. Your journey is endless as you and your enemies become stronger together. Each other’s opponents get more muscular and end when you destroy all your enemies. Fight hard and if you fail, increase your strength so that you can take revenge at the earliest date. If you fail, try to train and combine everything you get to make your hero stronger.

Idle games RPG Merge hero mod

Adventure in different lands

You will discover mysterious lands, and you will face enemies there. Unlock new areas after the monsters guarding that place are defeated by you. Each land has its status and topography, such as desert, sea, or ice. The live demons have their points, and so do their powers. The skills of the heroes will overcome the advantages of the available monsters. Bring them with you and prepare the hero’s weapons to explore the lands. Kill all the monsters, and equipment is rewarded for completing those lands. Your heroes can increase their strength by buying more equipment from gold.

Idle games RPG Merge hero free

Create powerful weapons

You will create many new weapons by combining them in the game. New weapons will become more powerful when old weapons are combined. You will need many weapons and equipment to connect them continuously. Get them at the start of the game and collect and store them throughout the battle. Low-level weapons will give new weapons weak and basic stats. Combine two of them to get a more powerful new weapon. Learn the mechanics of combining weapons in the game from basic and advanced weapons. Then, create yourself a set of equipment with the most potent weapons.

Idle games RPG Merge hero apk

Giants of the lands

You will have the opportunity to face the dangerous boss at the end of your adventure. Unseen creatures brought with them a combination of many different animals. They can simultaneously create fire and ice to attack and annoy you. Some of them can cause earthquakes while flying in the sky. Confronting them will be an excellent challenge for players like you. Each enemy gets stronger as you kill one of them until you meet a boss. You can avoid them and train yourself before you can defeat them. Combine the most powerful weapons, and put them in your inventory to destroy the bosses.

Idle games RPG Merge hero mod apk

The combination of the game is the element that makes a hero with powerful skills. Your equipment will gradually level up and become helpful in the battle between you and the monster. Adventures in different lands and dangers will bring you many exciting things. Defeat monsters and fill your inventory with gear. Combine them to create the most potent item spawned by you. Heroes will advance and be combined stronger and stronger and destroy all enemies. Download Idle games: RPG Merge hero mod to be able to create your heroes and equipment by combining.

How to Download & Install Idle games: RPG Merge hero MOD APK (Menu, High damage) for Android


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