Ninja Warrior 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.63.1

Updated 26/03/2024 (2 months ago)
NameNinja Warrior 2 APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Ninja Warrior 2

Lost in the world of super ninja assassins with Ninja Warrior 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money). Ninja Warrior 2 is an incarnation game combining exciting adventures. This is the continuation after the game Ninja Warrior had a huge success. As a familiar game genre, the manufacturers have upgraded and put into Ninja Warrior 2 new experiences. The Japanese-style background will make you feel lost in a dark forest with great images. Transform your wish into a samurai, a ninja full of talent and fame. Equip the standard katana and set out to destroy the army of evil creatures.

With Ninja Warrior 2 APK mod, you will be transformed into a progressive samurai of the land of cherry blossoms. You will be transported back to medieval Japan as a high-quality third-person action game. The combination of graphics and Japanese-style interface. Ninja Warrior 2 brings an image of bamboo forests. Ancient tree stumps and ninja-specific styles. It would help if you destroyed the army of dangerous creatures with bad intentions for your teammates. Rescue the samurai who is on the verge of danger. Skillfully combine sword skills and available melee weapons.

Ninja Warrior 2 mod

Download Ninja Warrior 2 mod – become a mysterious samurai fighting against an army of creatures to rescue teammates

Ninja Warrior 2 APK 1.63.1 is full of RPGs but has completely different characteristics from other RPG games. HD graphics with amazing colors combined with unique samurai sounds. Ninja Warrior 2 exudes realism as if participating in a real battle. Our homeland is threatened by mutant and peculiar creatures. You need to practice the excellent skills of the samurai to rescue the villagers and protect the peace of the land. Master these skills to win and kill the weird army more easily. In addition, you can also complete more missions to collect more valuable rewards.

Ninja Warrior 2 mod apk

Custom character choice

With a treasure trove of thousands of different samurai costumes in Ninja Warrior 2 MOD APK, you are spoiled for choice between your favorite characters and costumes. As the central theme is the mysterious black color of Japanese ninjas, most of the costumes will have black or gray tones. In addition, you can also equip other accessories to increase the authenticity of your character’s appearance. With red silk as eyeglasses, each move will flutter with the wind. Or the female character with the charcoal green hair that matches the yakuza she’s wearing. It could also be an older man wearing a hat. The left corner of the screen will clearly show your interface to know your character.

Ninja Warrior 2 apk

Various battle locations

Ninja Warrior 2 offers almost all the famous places in medieval Japan. Locations will be unlocked depending on your fighting speed and element collection. If you are on a high, you need to use jumping or climbing skills flexibly. If you accidentally fall off the fulcrum, you can entirely fall into the cliff. The pitfalls are also everywhere. The dragon heads spewed columns of fire high into the sky. Sharp carpets of thorns, or balls of thorns and slanting spears. In addition to destroying the enemy, you must also pay attention to avoid these pitfalls. Accidentally stepping on it will not cause you to die, but it will cause you to lose blood and affect your health.

Ninja Warrior 2 apk free

Many special skills

In addition to moving back and forth like any other action game, Ninja Warrior 2 offers skills only ninjas have. With the stealth skill, the player will cast spells and become invisible for 10 seconds. Please take advantage of that time to kill enemies they don’t know. A one-time burst slash can cut three enemies in half in a row. In addition, participants can also switch between different weapons. In addition to the familiar katana sword, there are darts, daggers, and spells, … Each weapon has other functions and damage. Choose the right gun for you and upgrade the stats for your weapon.

Ninja Warrior 2 android

Pass as many levels to collect gold and gems for the battle. Ninja Warrior 2 supports multi-languages ​​from English, French, Japanese, and Korean,… Helping players easily understand the moves and operations. The gameplay and manipulation are easy, but the levels have particular difficulty. After completing an area, you must join the boss battle to unlock the next level. Warriors always need a spirit ready to sacrifice themselves at any time. As you progress, you can unlock special skills. Download Ninja Warrior 2 mod, transform into an infamous samurai, and protect your homeland from a team of weird creatures.

How to Download & Install Ninja Warrior 2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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