Wood Farmer MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Resources) 0.3.5

Updated 30/04/2024 (2 months ago)
NameWood Farmer APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Resources
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
Get it onGoogle Play
Wood Farmer MOD APK detail?


  1. Unlimited Wood
  2. Unlimited Stone
  3. Unlimited Gold
  4. Unlimited Wood White
  5. Unlimited Cactus
  6. Unlimited Sandstone
  7. Unlimited Sapphire
  8. Unlimited Fruit
  9. Unlimited Wood Savana
  10. Unlimited Cristal

Introduce MOD APK Wood Farmer

Become a man who works for his passion regardless of fame at Wood Farmer. No need for fame, no need for money. What the main character is aiming for is nothing but peace of mind. Nature’s rapid recovery makes mining easier than ever. Build bridges to cross to other places to discover new things. Attract livestock and build barns so they have a roof. Monks help to upgrade your working equipment. They won’t ask for anything but return the favor by building shelters to shelter them. Build houses for yourself with full amenities for personal living.

With the ability to display everything in realistic 3D graphics, every movement of the creatures in the game will become extremely eye-catching and vivid. This seems to be the minimum for all players to have a great experience. Moreover, the visual context will keep everything around you in sight and not obscure anything. This makes controlling and exploiting everything more accessible, and you will control everything as optimally as possible. Just be persistent, and all the results will come to you; this is a great game to kill time and entertain all.

Wood Farmer mod apk min

Download Wood Farmer mod apk – A kind man with excellent construction talent

It can be said that the human brain is such an eternal mystery that we cannot even fully understand its potential. But thanks to the activity and connection of neurons, countless brilliant ideas were born. It not only makes the owner of the invention be remembered forever as geniuses but also makes humanity take giant steps so that civilizations have a more advanced level. Therefore, in the past and present, talented people always have extraordinarily noble and unique missions compared to ordinary people. In the game, the main character is also one of those smart people.

Wood Farmer mod min

Set foot in a very new place

Being assigned an extremely noble mission by the country to help the island’s inhabitants have a happier life. With an outspoken and aggressive personality like you, consent is inevitable. Armed with the most basic mining equipment, you have set foot there alone and began exploring. But when you look in the distance, you see this place is much more beautiful than you can imagine. Continuity is the archipelago separated by the vast ocean. You want to swim over, but a specific ability prevents you from jumping into the sea. After many tries, you still have no success, but the new lands on the other side have prompted you to build a bridge connecting the archipelagos.

Wood Farmer free min

Flash ideas and endless resources

With the mind of a genius, it doesn’t take too long for you to figure out what to build and what materials to build. But when looking at the limited resources, you have weighed and calculated and created a house using the most economical materials possible. Go to other lands to exploit resources, but you will be surprised when you return. Everything you mine can be magically regenerated. Don’t believe your eyes, you try to cut down a tree, and it only takes a while for it to grow back. Overjoyed, bold ideas about works have popped up in your head. Resources are no longer holding you back.

Wood Farmer mod apk free min

Kind hermits and well-rewarded

Your tools are enough to be able to mine everything there is on the island’s surface. But leveling up and reducing the harvest time would be a good idea. When meeting a hermit, they can upgrade one of your items. The item will be leveled up from the smallest to the highest in just one person. These people help you without asking for anything but know what they mean and build them a place to live to improve their lives.

Wood Farmer mod free min

Animals that have no shelter

You will encounter them in the process of mining and building shelters. They are extremely friendly and will not attack you; go to the temple near and contact them, and you will immediately be followed non-stop. But they will stop if they go too far and don’t wait. Build farms with enough food and walls to give them a place to live. Many exciting things are waiting for you; discover them all at Wood Farmer mod apk.

How to Download & Install Wood Farmer MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Resources) for Android


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