Evil Nun Rush MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited energy/Dumb enemy) 1.0.7

Updated 08/08/2023 (8 months ago)
NameEvil Nun Rush APK
PublisherKeplerians Horror Games
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited energy/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Evil Nun Rush

Take on the challenge in Evil Nun Rush to discover a mysterious universe ruled by the Evil Nun. Usually, the image of the Nun is gentle and kind and teaches people what is good and right. But Evil Nun Rush transformed her into a terrifying evil. Do you believe the strange, mysterious things in the dark rooms of the Evil Nun world? A female ghost is holding a giant hammer to stalk and detect you. During your experience, taking on challenges will sometimes encounter evil women, but run fast if you don’t want to end the game right away. The chase between you and Evil Nun has many unexpected details; let’s open it!

Evil Nun’s scary face makes you run away at any cost. Coming to this complex universe, you must find the secret related to William Bismarck, the boy with blue hands. The secret is kept in the magic cup, overcoming the puzzle to collect information. Entering this game, you need to act quickly; every time you visit any door, you need to look closely. The evil woman is anywhere in the house, and it appears unpredictably at the speed of light. The challenges spread throughout the game, increasing the difficulty gradually. Will you uncover all the secrets of the story behind the Evil Nun universe?

Evil Nun Rush apk free

Download Evil Nun Rush mod – get rid of the scary evil nun

In the end, you explore the Evil Nun boss universe, dodging and completing puzzles. The mysteries of William Bismarck’s past are gradually revealed through each level. The content of each group is unique; you will fully experience the horror of this world. You are stuck in various challenges and puzzles while trying to decipher you may be caught by Evil Nun. Don’t let that bad thing happen, and her sinister smile scares you. Suddenly you see the evil female appear, quickly complete the puzzle, and exit. If you don’t want to drown in the magical universe, use all your energy to find the hidden answer.

Evil Nun Rush mod

Conquer levels of challenges

Evil Nun Rush has placed puzzles and challenges on every floor of this house. Each time you play is a different experience, and no two are the same. The ranks are all staged at random, and it becomes unique without repeating. You collect the required cards and accumulate enough to unlock the following playing field. In harvesting, you should also eat the coins floating in the middle of space. That will help you buy support and take advantage of every opportunity to overcome challenges. The power of the evil sorceress makes silver amazed; just one blow of her hammer is enough to stop you immediately.

Evil Nun Rush android

Character improvement

Upgrading yourself is also an inevitable thing to do in equal measure. You buy yourself spring shoes to jump higher and farther. Weapons or tools to help you take on the challenge if you feel too stuck. Walking in the dark, a little light also becomes precious, and you can also accumulate through the plays. Throwing a blind to distract Evil Nun is also a great idea. All of those things need to be collected gradually during the adventure; by getting used to space, you will get there quickly. A variety of magic complements you, as long as you solve the puzzle excellently without being detected by the evil female.

Evil Nun Rush mod apk

Uncover the truth behind the magic cup

The main goal when participating in Evil Nun Rush is for you to unlock the secret. You can’t leave empty-handed without knowing anything about William Bismarck’s past. To reach that magic cup is a long, arduous journey. It is hidden in a luxurious glass jar and requires a key to open. So how to unlock now, only to get from Evil Nun’s challenges. The stories will be revealed in stages, remembering the minor details to string together. Sometimes you also have the opportunity to write a new script for the truth; crazy ideas are also attractive options.

Evil Nun Rush apk

Evil Nun Rush brings a feeling of horror and suspense full of anxiety behind it. Every time the Evil Woman appears to overwhelm the player, why does she have such a scary face. Evil Nun’s power is enough to kill you instantly; get away from her as soon as possible. When you join this adventurous adventure, you will be regularly updated with the challenge. Unlike other games, the puzzles here will be randomly generated. Because of that, it will never repeat the old gameplay that you once failed. Download the Evil Nun Rush mod, escape from the Evil Nun and find out the truth about the past.

How to Download & Install Evil Nun Rush MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited energy/Dumb enemy) for Android


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