Homo Evolution MOD APK 1.9.12 (Unlimited money)

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NameHomo Evolution APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Have you ever been curious about the origin of the human race? Or the origin of reptiles and how they evolved? If yes, come to Homo Evolution this game will answer all your questions. It is even possible to research and create many new species. Brand new animals created by your own hands. Or find a way to create rare and extinct animals. Homo Evolution will bring you interesting and new things, let’s experience it together.

Homo Evolution is where you can experience the feeling of transplanting different cells to create more complete, more useful animals for life. You can enjoy researching and implanting them to give them their own unique characteristics. Let’s create a lot of new animals to help the world of animals grow more and more. Learning about the new world creates special and interesting animals that help that world grow to a new level, with many different lives.

Homo Evolution mod androi

Download Homo Evolution mod – Learn the origin of all things

In the game Homo Evolution you will start from a primitive world with a lizard. Letting two individuals touch each other will give birth to a new individual with more perfect characteristics. To be able to continuously evolve, you will have to study the transplant continuously. Create many new individuals with characteristics and evolution that are superior to the first. Create many new individuals non-stop, you will get a certain amount of gold coins. When you have enough gold required, you can fly to other interesting worlds.

Create animals

The game Homo Evolution is a place for you to create new animals with unique characteristics. Simply use two individuals of the same species to touch each other. It was possible to create a new individual with stronger vitality. Or be more naughty by putting two individuals of different species together to see what happens. Let’s create a new world with unique animals that are only found in Homo Evolution. Download Homo Evolution to your computer and create many different new individuals together.

Homo Evolution mod download

Explore the world

When you match successful individuals together, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of money. Let’s accumulate that much money to be able to fly to other planets. A place with a climate and ecology that is completely different from the planet you live on. There you can research and create new and richer individuals on the original planet. Since there is a different atmosphere in this world, there will be many unexpected transformations. There are many other planets, so accumulate a lot of gold coins. To be able to go there to discover what that land is different and new.

New civilization

Let’s create as many individuals and constantly evolve them to be able to develop into a more modern civilization than ever before. From small lizards that evolved continuously until humans were born. New civilizations will be born from there, try to create rich ecosystems for your world to thrive. Evolved from the primitive world of just you and your baby lizard. Until modern architecture, created by the hands of people. These individuals have evolved to a near-complete threshold. Please try to complete them.

Homo Evolution mod

Interesting spins

Homo Evolution will have a rich bonus spin. You can spin a lot of gold coins or spin new individuals to be able to transplant them together. But this spin is not always winable. You should feel lucky to have filmed something, even if it’s little for you. But still luckier than others when spinning many times still nothing.

Play with friends

You can call your best friends to see who can reach the most planets and create the most individuals. Instead of letting your free time go by in vain, come to Homo Evolution to be able to create a variety of new and rich things together. It will be even more fun if you have many people participating in this game together.

Homo Evolution mod apk

Homo Evolution will be the best entertaining game you will ever know. Because it will answer the origin of all living things and you will be the one to create them. Researching together and creating many individuals is your dream and hobby. Download Homo Evolution mod Conquer the new world to create a variety of interesting objects, explore advanced civilizations.

Download Homo Evolution MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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