Pick It Up 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.8.1

Updated 28/11/2022 (2 years ago)
NamePick It Up 3D APK
PublisherVNG Game Publishing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Pick It Up 3D

Become a billionaire with deliveries and rebuild an empire in Pick It Up 3D. When you land in this world, you are a billionaire, but that is in the past. Accidentally getting into an accident while traveling through planets makes it impossible for you to return to your homeland. You are trapped here and leave behind a great fortune in the prosperous land. But here, there is one thing you are still looking for the opportunity to get rich. This world is full of opportunities that anyone who knows how to seize can become rich. You could have become a billionaire on your planet and made your own here too.

A billionaire is stranded on an alien planet after an extraterrestrial crash. He tried to find a way to return to his hometown, but everything seemed hopeless. So he had to accept life on the new planet and began to explore this place. You will join this billionaire to examine everything on earth and start a plan to get rich. Everything can be made money, and there is no reason for this billionaire to ignore it. The opportunity came when the billionaire started doing things, even though it was simple. Accompany a former billionaire and start a new life on a new planet.

Pick It Up 3D android

Download Pick It Up 3D mod – Start becoming a billionaire again

The homeworld real estate tycoon got into an accident and was stuck on a strange planet. The assets of the old world seemed useless when he couldn’t return. He must live a new life on a planet where he knows nothing. But fortunately, this billionaire has the companion of one person, and that is you. The billionaire’s plight makes you decide to help him start a new life. Every attempt is booming, and there is no shame in starting from scratch. On this planet, he can become a billionaire like he was in the old world.

Pick It Up 3D mod

Delivery service

The billionaire has lost all his possessions after an accident on an outer planet. So he has to start his life again and do everything for life. Although the work will be hard at first, it will gradually become easier as you get used to it. Once made rich, the billionaire knows how to get back to where he was and needs your help. A new planet delivery company and billionaire need a companion. You will drive the vehicle and transport the goods the customer needs to the place they ask for. The billionaire can deliver it all to the consumer with his delivery service.

Pick It Up 3D mod apk

Complete bounty

The billionaire has once again started his career getting rich and needs to complete the task. Getting rich is not as easy as on the old planet because it is entirely different. So meeting the bounty quest on the new world is a billionaire’s job. The investigations will also involve delivery since he has already started his service. Bonuses will be given to the billionaire if he achieves many fixed orders. Receiving rewards also helps the billionaire create a reputation in a whole new world. Every job has a mission and supports the billionaire to deliver the goods to receive the prize.

Pick It Up 3D free

Delivery company

The billionaire needs help to become a wealthy billionaire again. He had found a delivery job and needed to expand to get rich quickly. So it would be best if you created delivery company management positions to build a company. The money earned from delivery will help the billionaire create establishments on the new planet. You will join him to make money from building and upgrading delivery companies. The larger the number of companies, the faster the billionaire’s journey to wealth. Complete the delivery and manage the company chain to fulfill the dream of becoming a billionaire.

Pick It Up 3D apk

The billionaire is stuck on a new planet after an unexpected accident in the outside world. He could not return to his homeland and had to find a way to survive on his own. Fortunately, you can help the billionaire and help him get a job. The billionaire has to deliver orders to every new planet and earn rewards. Although the job is tough, he will once again become as rich as before. You can also help the billionaire by completing the company bonus mission. Download the Pick It Up 3D mod to help the trapped billionaire get rich again through delivery.

How to Download & Install Pick It Up 3D MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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