Elune MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) 2.11.19

Updated 04/10/2023 (5 months ago)
NameElune APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Damage/Defense Multiplier
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Elune

When the world is invaded by evil forces, what will you do to save it? If you want to fulfill your purpose, then Elune will be the choice that you need to consider. Explore strange new dimensions that are slowly falling into a state of doom. Gather brave heroes to fight against evil forces. Bring the world back to the equilibrium of the elements as it used to work before. Grow yourself to unfathomable limits.

Developer GAMEVIL always brings us quality role-playing games. One of the most successful products is Elune. With quality graphics, the game is ready to satisfy even the most demanding players. The plot is built with depth for you to explore every day. The features in the game are provided with a variety of customization options for players. Transform into fantasy characters and start fighting right away.

Elune mod

Download Elune mod – Restore order to the world

The different dimensions are gradually falling into chaos due to the influence of powerful forces. Only you can lead an army against that influence. Gather your team of talented warriors and put them in battle. You and your opponent will take turns attacking each other until one side completely collapses. During his attack, he can mobilize all the people in the team to join. Deals total damage to one or more enemy targets. If you clearly understand the hero’s abilities, it will be easy to master the game. Constantly building strength for your team.

In addition to standard attacks, you can use the skills that the hero has. However, it will take a certain amount of energy to activate. Therefore, you need to use it wisely to create an advantage at essential times. Avoid falling into adverse states caused by mana shortages and cooldowns.

Elune mod free

Join the journey

You will have to lead your team through different dimensions to complete the mission. Each size has a certain number of levels that must be completed. In it, there will be a final level with more severe difficulty to challenge your ability. There are three levels of play divided into standard, challenging, and disadvantage to choose from. It is necessary to complete the current levels to be able to unlock higher levels. The deeper you go into the following dimensions, the more difficulty will increase. The combat requirement that the squad needs to meet will be much higher than before, leading to the surge of strength you need to prepare for.

Hunting for warriors

The number of warriors appearing in the world of Elune was huge, up to more than 200 people. They are divided into five different character classes according to the roles they have. In turn will be gladiators, tankers, witches, assassins, and finally, support. Their strength is judged by the number of stars equal to their rarity. The strongest ones will have a maximum of five stars with abilities that surpass others. You can hunt for five-star characters in Elune’s wheel of fortune. Please put them in the squad to participate in extras or quests that will help them gain experience and level up. Get stats boosted easily.

Elune mod apk

Provide equipment

In addition to upgrading heroes, you can also make them stronger through equipment. Each hero has their own unique set of equipment. These items provide a large amount of fixed power such as an attack, defense, HP, or speed to the character. Just like heroes, items with high rarity will give more power. You can use your resources to upgrade these. The higher the level, the more added attributes. These items can also be found in the shop’s lucky wheel. Hunt them down the best you can.

Elune mod android

Soul Cards

Another factor that can affect the power of heroes is the soul card. These are cards created to provide unique abilities in combat. When you dig deeper, you will find that the cards need the right conditions to activate. The power scale of the cards is also calculated according to the number of stars they have, and the maximum will be six stars with the most powerful cards. Each hero is equipped with only one card in their favor. You can hunt for more unique cards when you enter the chaotic world of Elune mod yourself.

How to Download & Install Elune MOD APK (Menu, Damage/Defense Multiplier) for Android


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