Zombie Blast MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote) 3.3.2

Updated 09/06/2023 (1 year ago)
NameZombie Blast APK
PublisherSNG Games
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Zombie Blast

Heroes are fearless when zombies approach them in Zombie Blast. They are willing to face the risks they may face directly. The first is because it is necessary to protect its interests and the last stronghold. The second is to get rid of the dark things that are pursued. Be an intelligent warrior when ready to join a dangerous mission. Find the best gear to wear. The most difficult types of zombies can not discourage you. They can only be stepping stones to making us stronger.

You may have seen a lot with the form of using Match 3 to fight. It’s an excellent way to confront when it depends on your manipulation. These operations can be converted to the number of points won and help you succeed. Witness the scene where humans face off against zombies. 1v1 until one of them falls and remains motionless. Not the massacre with weapons like in the movies anymore. Facing danger from a different angle will help you understand many things. I can receive glory if I have enough of what I feel most confident in.

Zombie Blast mod

Download Zombie Blast mod – Face-to-face with zombies.

The undead were worth approaching; nothing could stop them but their warriors and weapons. But you need to understand the mechanics first if you want to maximize the benefits you get. The first is having different types of items. They correspond to the stats received by the warrior. If you act, you need to charge the energy bar fully. Match three or more of the same badges in a row. They will quickly recharge stably. It would be best to pair because the battle time is rapidly limited. Repel zombies before they can come in front of you and attack like crazy.

Fierce battles

Zombie Blast pits you in hundreds of deadly confrontations with other creatures. Each battle will be divided into several different waves. It would be best if you held out until the last round to get the winning result. In each match, you will encounter many new types of zombies. Some guys will create a lot of discomfort for you. It should be mentioned that those with high mutations are stronger than the rest. There are fat zombies, nurse zombies, armoured zombies, etc. They can speed up or defend too well to give you a chance. At this point, something groundbreaking is needed. Most likely, combos boost all powerful energies.

Zombie Blast mod free

Own a new character

Each warrior was born under different conditions. From there formed a unique fighting style that only they could do. Of course, because of that, each person’s weapon is also other for their fighting style. Some characters use shotguns to make enemies disappear at close rangey easily. Using a machine gun is more advantageous in terms of continuous damage. Characters using rifles have medium attack ranges. All characters can be chosen according to your preferences. But it still takes practice over many matches to better understand the characteristic. See how they brutally torture all these stubborn undead.

Zombie Blast mod apk

Not only do own new characters, but you also need to make them stronger. Of course, by simply upgrading with just one touch. Before that, a certain amount of money is required to be eligible to do this. The upgraded character will increase two main stats. One is the amount of HP that helps them withstand zombies’ attacks. The second is the damage that this character can create when attacking the undead in the Zombie Blast mod.

How to Download & Install Zombie Blast MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited bullet/Antidote) for Android


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