Elements Master MOD APK (Menu/God) 0.3.1

Updated 13/04/2024 (1 day ago)
NameElements Master APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/God
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Elements Master

Elements Master is an action game that takes place in a magical world. This game revolves around the themes of fire, water, and lightning. metal,… Then you become a master of magic and can control all kinds of elements. The player needs to fend off all the armed enemies rushing toward him. At the same time, do not stop money from moving forward to the final destination, thereby winning. In addition to fighting opponents, players must also avoid the pitfalls that appear along the way. In addition, you can also take advantage of the stones as shields. Blocks all incoming attacks from enemies and their allies.

Set in a lively space to recreate the action. Characters have a relatively simple appearance as dolls with different colored costumes. Combine simple gameplay, but bring entertainment and highly addictive. Along with that is the control mechanism; make a touch to control it easily. In addition, the player can take advantage of the large and small rocks on the screen as a weapon. Using them makes the enemy overwhelmed and unable to react. Players also need to be careful of the pitfalls. Just slip and fall into the sea or fire pit the player will die and start over.

Elements Master apk

Download Elements Master mod – Use elements of power to fight the enemy army.

Your enemy army is red dolls whose bodies are on fire. Character control is relatively simple and accessible. When the player needs to touch and swipe on the screen to control the characters to move, depending on the power skill that the player uses, the attack operations can be different. Players can automatically flex between attack actions to give the right action. In addition, players also need to have a careful strategy to destroy all enemies. Some levels are divided into many different areas. In addition, they also attack you with fireballs.

Elements Master android 1

Elemental colors

Elements Master provides four main power elements that players can use. These include fire, water, lightning, and earth, but the player cannot unlock all four parts simultaneously. Initially, the player can only open the fire element. After passing certain levels, the player gradually opens the remaining ingredients. Each player element has a different outfit color. The fire element has a prominent red cape; the water element will be the blue cape. In addition, the earth element with its brown cloak and the element’s white cloak with lightning.

Elements Master apk 1

Elemental Power

Once all the elements have been unlocked, the player can seamlessly change these power systems during battle. Just tap on the image of elements arranged in the bottom corner of the screen. Every time the player switches power-ups, a small vertical cylinder appears on the screen. This is the source of your strength; when they run out, you need to change to another source. Players must move through the area where these cylinders appear to receive the depleted energy source. The earth element has stones; the water element has a source of water that pushes the enemy away, and the feature helps you to attack the enemy with fireballs.

Level Quest

Elements Master opens a diverse quest system. They are shown in each level of play with increasing challenge. At each level of participation, there is a common goal: to reach the finish line. However, that process will be prevented by enemy forces. The enemy team is getting stronger and bigger with each level. In addition, they also have comrades of enormous size, at the same time the,r ability to live long. In addition, the game also has support operations to help players easily overcome the battle—many levels where the battle area is also divided into several parts. Players need to jump through the challenges to get to the next room.

Suppose you find it too challenging to face a crowded enemy team. Players can choose support levels to win more easily. That is to upgrade your power skills to make them more substantial day by day. The attack operations are increased damage; the effect is also more widespread. Thanks to that, the player can destroy more enemies in one attack. Take advantage of the game’s weapons,, such as metal elements or pets. Download Elements Master mod alternately using elemental power to destroy all enemies attacking you back.

How to Download & Install Elements Master MOD APK (Menu/God) for Android


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