Battle Angel MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade points) 1.7.3

Updated 16/08/2023 (4 months ago)
NameBattle Angel APK
PublisherNaxeex Action & RPG Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited upgrade points
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Battle Angel

Fight with angel warriors to destroy all evil criminals in Battle Angel. You will become a person with special powers and appear in the human world. That’s when you spread your broad wings and fly into a world city. And in the eyes of all, you appear as a mighty angel from heaven. However, criminal organizations have covered and dominated the town where you enter. So with angel’s mission, you will fight them and get justice for the city. Kill the criminals in the city and return to a peaceful time.

Humans have always believed in divine power, and angels are one of them. They think people always have special fighting powers in the dim paradise. They are angels with wings that can fly anywhere and fight with the administration of justice. And you will prove angels exist at the beginning of your journey. A human city is welcoming you to enter, and this will be where you take on the quest. This place is a paradise for gangsters, and they are taking over the underworld. Use the power of mighty angels to fight the crimes of evil organizations.

Battle Angel mod

Download Battle Angel mod – Purge evil with the power of angels

You have entered a new world and have the right to decide your choices here. And you choose the path you will follow: to become an angel to save the world. Criminals have taken over different cities, and you must fight for justice. But the journey of fighting to protect the city will be the most challenging time. You must hold divine powers and dominate them to join the fight. Criminal enemies also want to destroy you to carry out their criminal acts comfortably. Fight in the form of a mighty angel and purge all evil forces.

Battle Angel android

Angels and demons

A world full of adventure gives you two paths to choose your destiny. You can become a person in the name of evil and start all evil inside the earth. Or you will be an angel with wings on your shoulders, confronting the cruellest force. But you don’t want to be assimilated by the darkness and have chosen to fight for the world. And so you will be an angel and use your powers to seek and destroy evil. Your enemies are human, but they have the heart of the devil, in the name of the angel inside the city and against the evil forces disguised as criminals.

Battle Angel free

The way of fighting

You have chosen to be an angel in the city and fight against the criminals. And at the beginning of your destiny, you can choose what kind of angel you want to be to fight. They all gained great strength with their goal of fighting for justice. So their enemies are the evil people inside the world who are doing the crime. However, you can become the devil and start your criminal process. And your choice will prove whether you belong to a divine or evil force. Choose for yourself a role in the human world and fight your way.

Battle Angel mod apk

The battle of strength

Your battle in the human world will unfold as you choose your path. When you become an angel, you can use your wings and fly to find and destroy criminals. With divine power, you can use only weapons to do justice. Or if you become a devil, you will be a nightmare for everyone in the city. But you can switch roles and fight between the two paths to explore. And both angels and demons have unique powers for you to conquer the quest. Start your battle of strength by deciding which battle path you choose.

Battle Angel apk

You are the one who escaped from the human laboratory and started your new journey. The starting place for your trip is a city, and you can choose the role. The experiment used the latest technologies to try to make you stronger. And now, you will select the battle path between the forces of angels and demons. Those are two opposing forces, each having the unique power of each fate. So make choices about who you become and hold that power. Download Battle Angel mod to begin your journey to discover your passion in two opposing roles.

How to Download & Install Battle Angel MOD APK (Unlimited upgrade points) for Android


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