Dungeons and Honor – RPG MOD APK (Menu, Free In-App Purchase) 1.8.4

Updated 23/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameDungeons and Honor – RPG APK
PublisherNameless Studio Entertainment
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Free In-App Purchase
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dungeons and Honor – RPG

Rescue Blaze’s father from being cornered in the dungeons in Dungeons and Honor – RPG. Having a father who is a detective is always proud of his son because they will have the opportunity to accompany him. But before that happened, Blaze’s father was captured by a monster and sent to a dungeon. He must begin his journey like his father by exploring the dungeon. The force with you will be brave people who always want to increase their strength to help you. Your progress in the journey depends on you fighting monsters and equipment. Go through countless trials and complete your goal of rescuing Blaze’s father from the dungeon.

The person born Blaze was an adventurer with valuable life experiences. He wants his son Blaze to continue his journey with his passion. But when he could not pass it on to his children, he was ambushed by monsters in the dungeon. He made a grudge against them during a random exploration of the surroundings. Now monsters have captured him and locked him in dark dungeons. Blaze needs to free his father before the worst can happen. Form a powerful guild from old acquaintances of Blaze’s father and rescue him from the dungeon.

Dungeons and Honor RPG android

Download Dungeons and Honor – RPG mod – Break through the dungeon and rescue the father

Blaze is very proud that his father can explore places and bring back exciting things to tell him. But his recent journey was blocked by monsters because of their previous feud with them. His precious experiences have yet to be passed on, and more importantly, fatherhood. Blaze is forced to confront the forces that keep his father in a dungeon to save him. Along with that, other adventurers also wanted to make their own father’s knowledge. All will become a hindrance for Blaze when he starts exploring dungeons. Courage to enter the prison and endure hardships but can not stop the determination to rescue the father.

Dungeons and Honor RPG free

Enemies in prison

The dungeon that appears is where monsters operate with the darkest purposes. They captured his father, and Blaze was forced to find him in every jail. His opponents in this journey are not only individual monsters but also other adventurers. But their rescue is not to help you but has purposes contrary to yours. They also wanted to gain years of experience from his father and tried to arrest him. When the monsters captured him, it was a good chance that they couldn’t keep up with him on his expeditions. It would help if you acted quickly against the cruelty of other monsters and adventurers.

Dungeons and Honor RPG mod apk

Equipment training

The weapon was something that Blaze’s father always carried with him when he started an adventure. Blaze must also continue his tradition of battling monsters in this dungeon. They will be a great help in the rescue of the father from the beast. Each item needs to be practiced in the journey, which helps you save the father. His father had trained Blaze in the weapons, and now he needed to practice them. Forge gear and provide for the brave individuals in your band. Make a plan to rescue his father from the dungeon before monsters and people with bad intentions.

Dungeons and Honor RPG apk

Rescue guild

On the journey to rescue his father, Blaze will accompany the others. They are the people who know his father through his adventures outside the world. Together, they gather and rescue Blaze’s father from the dark together. Their help was beneficial as Blaze completed the trip preparations. You will also accompany the helpers and decide which dungeon to enter together. The journey will be difficult, but Blaze can help them with weapons so they can fight with him. Form a guild from Blaze’s father’s fans and join them in the dungeon to rescue him.

Dungeons and Honor RPG mod

A father, while exploring, was suddenly brought into their sights by monsters. It was Blaze’s father, and he was captured by them to be kept in the darkest dungeon. Blaze needed to rescue him from there, and he was forced to undertake this adventure. The difficulty that stopped Blaze was the monsters and the other people in the dungeon. They wanted to gain valuable exploration experience from his father, not save him from it. Form a guild based on the helpers and gradually enter the dungeon to meet the father again. Download Dungeons and Honor – RPG mod to help Blaze save his explorer father from jail.

How to Download & Install Dungeons and Honor – RPG MOD APK (Menu, Free In-App Purchase) for Android


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