Obey Me! MOD APK (Menu/Freeze enemy/High Damage) 6.6.9

Updated 21/08/2023 (1 month ago)
NameObey Me! APK
PublisherNTT Solmare Corp.
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Freeze enemy/High Damage
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce Obey Me! MOD APK

Do you like the feeling of being cared for, taken care of, and protected from attractive guys? I think you’ll find that feeling in Obey Me! there. If the girls do not have a lover, the game is an experience full of emotions and ups and downs. This is a rare opportunity for you to learn the basic skills to attract a girl for male gamers. Whether it works in real life or not, I’m not sure. Anyway, this is a dating simulator. In the process of going back and forth with the boys, you will learn many more interesting things.

Although Obey Me! is a dating game with boys. But the system will give you the freedom to choose the gender of your character. So yes, both men and women can have deep feelings for guys. This is a commendable act of respect for the LGBT community by the developer. The same message that lives your true self. Then you will receive the love you deserve from others. And now follow up on this game with me.

Obey Me mod

Download Obey Me! mod – Find out special boys.

Although developed in the direction of interactive dating between the characters. Obey Me! Also developed many special features for you to interact like in real life. For example, you can chat with the boys, and please contact them. Call and video chat with them. Along with many other special interactions that you will try while playing the game. The interface system is quite nice in describing your phone screen in the game. All facilities are comfortable to use. Some pay with in-game money. In general, you will be completely transformed into the character in the story.

The land of Devildom is the concentration of demons that have lived here for a long time. There they established a school dedicated to demons, RAD. The main character – you are an exchange student at this school. Start a new life at this school. Waiting for you to get there are 5 demon boys Ikemen who are also students here. Along with a long list of tasks that you will work with them. In the process of studying here, getting to know them and developing feelings for them will definitely happen.

Obey Me mod apk

Immerse yourself in many romantic stories

The hidden mechanic revealed in the game is that the character’s relationship with you will depend on how much you interact with them. This is a very realistic mechanism in Obey Me! Because when you don’t spend a lot of time with one person. That person will also find it difficult to get close to you. So it’s vital to actively get to know and talk to guys to make them closer to you. It will affect the game’s plot later if you are so close that you can build feelings for all 7 people. You can master them and treat them like a boyfriend in the future.

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Exciting card combat

In addition to dating and chatting with characters. Obey Me! According to a source from the school, there are also quite interesting mini-games for you to enjoy when you feel a bit bored with texting and calling. For example, the Devildom demons are insidiously pursuing to steal your soul. Of course, the Ikemen boys will stand up for you at any time. But you will personally direct them to participate in battles by using cards with different powers. Create a powerful squad, win battles and collect even more cards. Witnessing the chibi characters you summon from the cards is also very interesting.

Obey Me mod free

Create your own happy home

Through interesting and romantic stories. You can take relationships to the next level. Give a long card to your 7 boys. Get a passionate kiss from school. Create a solid harem with handsome men in your heart. And no matter what gender you are. They will still have sincere love for you. Because you deserve it, be actively texting, chatting, and showing love to the guys in your heart.

Obey Me mod free apk

Built-in the demon world but filled with elements of the human world. Obey Me! Bring out the most exciting things in your love relationship. Including handsome boys, a school environment with many characters with distinct personalities. And the journey to conquer the hearts of 7 generous and honest boys. Join the battle of the mind is the ultimate card battle. It’s all in Obey Me! Just waiting for you to come and discover them all.

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