Duet Cats MOD APK (Unlocked Songs) 1.3.94

Updated 17/08/2023 (10 months ago)
NameDuet Cats APK
MOD FeaturesUnlocked Songs
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Duet Cats

Immerse yourself in songs and duets with cute cats in the game Duet Cats. Many music-loving cats have decided to duet together on songs. And an animal lover like you won’t want to miss this adorable moment. The cats will continuously hum the song together while eating the falling food. However, the items will not fall on the same side and drop randomly. So it would be best to control the cat’s movement to the sides to enjoy the food. Join the cats in singing interesting songs while they want their food.

You will become a companion with cute cats in the music world. This is a world where cats can show off their musical sensibility. The song the cat hums will be randomly played, and the food will fall accordingly. And to hum to the song’s rhythm, you will have to move the cat continuously. This will be more difficult when you have to control both cats in a piece. However, if you get them to eat the food, they can also sing the whole song. Control two duet cats to overcome the challenge of eating food while singing a song.

Duet Cats mod

Download Duet Cats mod – Enjoy the tunes of the duet cats

Your role when accompanying the cute cats is a talented music conductor. But you will not be the one playing the music, but the one controlling the cats singing a duet. They will hum along to the song you choose, and to do the song right, they have to eat. And the food will fall from above towards the cats according to the song’s rhythm. So you must help the successful cats get the treats and continue the tune. If you fail, the cats will not be able to eat the delicacy, and the music will also disappear. Feel the rhythm of sweet songs with the duet voices of cute cats.

Duet Cats mod apk

Famous cats

All the cats in this world get endless inspiration from songs. And they’re all talented creatures that can sense the different tunes of songs. So they decided to remix the music with the characteristic cat voice. But all the cats in this world want to sing and sing songs together. So you can constantly change the cats so that they can sing for you. However, to do so, you must complete the song challenge to collect cats. Show your control to help your cat singers perform music.

Duet Cats android

Food supermarket

The songs you hear from duet cats come from your ability to move cats. Since they love food so much, their melodies are also arranged according to the food. And only when enjoying delicious food can they continue humming. So you must go to the grocery store and find foods cats love. This will help the cats be more enthusiastic about singing songs while eating. But do not enjoy the music but forget to control your cat to help them eat. Buy lovely treats for cats and feed them to hear the cat melodies hum.

Duet Cats free

Cat song

You can find a lot of favourite songs under the performance of duet cats. They will follow the song’s melody to show their ability to perceive music. It depends on your ability to help the cats eat food, but try to do it. They will duet together through the rhythms and can complete the song if they succeed. And if you successfully control them to achieve the duet, you can open many new songs. It will also be the challenge you give to the famous cats of melodies. Find your cat’s favourite songs and enjoy their humming sounds.

Duet Cats apk

You have entered the world of fancy cats showing off their musical talents. And the songs they perform capture the interest of a conductor like you. So you will become the controller of the cats who perform the music through food. If they can eat their favourite food, they will do their best to sing a song for you. However, the famous cats’ challenges will become more complex, according to the music. The tunes in the cat’s song also need to rely on your ability to control the cat to eat food. Download Duet Cats mod to enjoy how the duet cats perform their music.

How to Download & Install Duet Cats MOD APK (Unlocked Songs) for Android


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