Match War!: Puzzle & Defense MOD APK (Menu/God mode/High Damage/Defense) 1.0.12

Updated on 23/03/2023 (1 week ago)
NameMatch War!: Puzzle & Defense APK
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode/High Damage/Defense
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Join the world’s defence against invasion by solving puzzles in Match War!: Puzzle & Defense. Your rescue journey is now more than just fighting monsters. The enemies that have invaded your planet have brought the most powerful force. They also get challenging puzzles to prevent your world defence force. So you have to participate in solving the enemy’s puzzles to be able to attack them. The monsters have created a puzzle journey, and you must complete them all to win. Connect the weapons in the enemy puzzle and destroy those who endanger the world.

The enemies that invade your planet are no longer merely hostile forces. They have designed a new obstacle to stop the heroes of the human world. What they carry is a board with randomly arranged weapon symbols. And they are the weapons that invaders use to attack your planet. So you need to merge all the weapon icons in the puzzle to prevent them from operating. The enemy invasion will be discouraged if you repeatedly destroy weapon symbols. Block your opponents’ attacks on your defences with puzzles.

Match War Puzzle Defense mod

Download Match War! Puzzle & Defense mod – Solve enemy puzzles for defence

Your battle against the invaders of your world has begun. And it is the weapon symbols in the boxes that you need to learn to win them. The enemies hide their weapons there, and you must find the destruction. They will try to create gaps between the weapon tiles so you can’t completely solve the puzzle. But you can, step by step, merge weapon symbols to erase the enemy’s plot. However, you must figure out how to solve the puzzle because the enemy won’t let you prepare. The battle’s outcome is entirely up to you, and you solve puzzles to keep the world safe.

Match War Puzzle Defense android

Weapon combinations

The enemy has brought puzzles to stop those who want to protect the world. They researched the world’s heroic forces and created special symbols. Those cells contain the invader’s weapons and will successfully pass through if not destroyed. And to kill those weapon boxes, you must find a way to connect them. If you solve the puzzle, you can also turn the invader’s weapons into your own. However, it would be best to solve the puzzle quickly because your castle is the target they must destroy. Combine enemy weapon symbols in the puzzle and make them your weapon.

Match War Puzzle Defense mod apk

Puzzle journey

Your castle is the first line of defence that hopes to keep the world safe. In the face of enemies constantly attacking the castle, you must keep fighting faith. And the protection modes will give you more motivation to protect the world when you win. Combining enemy weapon symbols will provide you with more puzzle experience. Troops inside the castle will also gain stats from solving puzzles and fighting opponents. They are the force to help you solve puzzles and train strength in defence modes. Wars with enemies are inevitable and destroy them all.

Match War Puzzle Defense free

Protection skill

Defending your castle and world against intruders will be very difficult. And especially the weapons that the enemy hides in the symbols inside the puzzle. But you have help from the world’s puzzle force, who are all skilled at defending. They are people who have a unique ability to combine weapon symbols. You can ask them to use the skill if you haven’t figured out how to connect the invader’s weapon. The puzzle team will also help you win the journey in protected modes. Upgrade your puzzle team’s defence skills and win the weapon puzzle together.

Match War Puzzle Defense apk

The first thing the castle and world invaders do is create puzzles. Inside are symbols of powerful weapons that they use to attack the world. And to end their conspiracy, you need to combine all symbols. Enemy weapons will disappear, and you will have a chance to capture their weapons. The initiative can be reversed if you defeat all enemies in protected mode. You’ll also find help solving puzzles with your hero’s protection skills. Download Match War!: Puzzle & Defense mod to complete the puzzle to protect the world from invasion.

Download Match War!: Puzzle & Defense MOD APK (Menu/God mode/High Damage/Defense) for Android

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