ToT or Trivia MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin/Unlocked all Character) 0.5.6

Updated on 26/05/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameToT or Trivia APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Coin/Unlocked all Character
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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ToT or Trivia is a puzzle game where players participate in a fun contest—this quiz contest with a prize structure of up to thousands of gold coins. Players come from all over the world, regardless of age, color, or profession. Players will play the game’s main character, standing on the platform at the top. Here the player needs to choose between the answers offered. Behind your character are other players’ standing platforms. The player’s goal is to reach the game’s highest reward. That means answering the number of questions corresponding to the money levels.

The player who answers the question correctly will receive the corresponding amount in the account. The game entertains players and helps players expand their knowledge in many ways. The player has only two choices, one blue and one red, corresponding to the answer given by the game. The people behind your character’s back will choose the answer right after the player gives it. They are the answer to the question that the player needs to answer. The number of characters answering means it is correct. Whoever has the other answer is officially eliminated from the game after a confetti display; the body is shot off the answer platform.

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Download ToT or Trivia – Join a quiz game with players from around the world

To answer the question, the screen is zoomed directly into your area. A question is posed in a white dialog box on the screen. Two answers, one is blue, and the other is red. Whichever answer the player chooses, the color on the player’s stand will change to that color. Just answer; the yellow doll representing you will click the answer button. Then wait for the answer from the team of players behind. Wait for the colors of these players’ platforms to change. If anyone has a minority and incorrect answer, they will be immediately disqualified from the contest.

ToT or Trivia apk

Various questions

The question that the game raises belongs to many different areas. This requires players to be knowledgeable in all aspects. Only then will players be able to win and honor on the leaderboard? Players also can’t think of looking up outside. Because each question will have a limited time to answer, players can only answer within that time. All fields such as literature, geography, history, society,… Questions about the capitals of countries in the world. Questions about the author of famous literary works. There are also questions about survival knowledge or simply asking about personal preferences logically.

ToT or Trivia mod apk

Change of appearance

The money the player earns can be used to change the character’s appearance. From diverse hairstyles to epic outfits. If the player has enough money and ability, creating a character for himself is not difficult. The characters behind the player also have diverse appearances. The costumes that represent the profession they do are what stand out. Players have the opportunity to own such costumes. From workers, witches, athletes, robots,… Anyone can become a character to participate in this contest. Use emergency assistance shortcuts to pass the puzzle with ease.

ToT or Trivia mod

Competition venue

Race venues are located all over the world. Each location carries the corresponding weather style of that country. The characters also change as the location changes, for example, in front of the US Capitol building. Answering podiums also vary according to these locations. The competition can also occur in the Arctic, covered by ice and snow. Or in front of a green beach with coconut trees swaying in the wind. A music stage with colorful lights highlighting the characters. There are also many new locations that players can unlock to change the atmosphere of the competition.

Actions that players can use when the question is asked help them. With a limited number, these three support shortcuts should only be used when the player feels that their ability is not enough to answer. This includes skipping questions, deleting an answer, and changing another question. Players can get this support shortcut when participating in the game often. Or it can also be a reward for reaching a specific question. Download ToT or Trivia mod to participate in a quiz competition with players from all over the world.

Download ToT or Trivia MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Coin/Unlocked all Character) for Android

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