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Drive Ahead! MOD 2.3.0 (Unlimited Coins)

by Thuỷ Dương


Dodreams Ltd has made many players think Drive Ahead! is a racing game. Actually this fighting game through cars of all different types. The optional vehicle system gives players the freedom to do everything they want. Destroy rival vehicles as a way of causing a traffic accident to earn points. Drive Ahead! is essentially a fighting game based on car collision phases. With the fighting mechanism that combines collecting items during gameplay, this is a game that brings a cute and interesting feeling. Make a large explosion that damages the opponent until they are exhausted, you will win.

Actually Drive Ahead! like a pretty exciting battle arena. If observant, you can clearly see you are on campus as a stadium. There are stands around you, lots of spectators and a big screen recording the progress of the match. Just like the Olympics, the cheers throughout the game. However, you need to be confident, maybe the majority of audience below are supporting you. Please keep up your style and attack to the best of your ability.

Drive Ahead! – The most awesome fighting car game

At the beginning of the game, you will start the first game. The control of the car is very simple, just choose the left and right direction, you can let the enemy explode with the head crushing phase. It is not difficult to play but your opponent is becoming more and more intelligent. If not promptly promptly cope with the player is very likely to end up losing. While playing you remember that besides attacking with our best we still have to collect items. Cars, coins, bolts and helmets are all indispensable items. Collect as much as possible, certainly will not admit when the difficulty level appears more and more.

There are many different vehicles

Not only cars, even cars used in combat you can see in Drive Ahead! APK. Some common vehicles such as terrain vehicles, garbage trucks, tanks and racing cars. Obviously we should not overlook any kind of vehicle. All vehicles available in this game have their own special abilities, you need to take advantage of the strengths to overwhelm the opponent.

Many different game modes

  • Battle Arena tournaments: Each week you are allowed to compete with players from around the world.
  • Rift Riders: Participating here, players will unlock many exclusive things such as trips.
  • Mission Stadiums: A place for you to receive rewards as well as avoid robots and aliens.

And yet, challenging friends and fighting them is also a good suggestion. You will have an unforgettable battle with your friends. Control the car so smart to bring home the victory.

New version Drive Ahead! What features?

  • Trophy Road: New place for serious car fighters.
  • 2 player mode supports more customization.
  • Combine with friends against Bot.
  • Get free car everyday.

Drive Ahead! Meet all criteria of a fighting action game. By combining with everyday transport developers have created very impressive gameplay. Download Drive Ahead! MOD APK no matter which vehicle you drive, it explodes.


New feature in Drive Ahead! ?

Create an alternate size conquest team at the Rift Riders event
– POWER UP: The further your vehicle goes, the stronger it becomes.
– Rift Riders currently uses 3 teams of Vehicles!
– Add damage, health in Rift Riders.
– Various rift challenges.
– Reward multiplier: Get lots of tickets in the game screen to reward multipliers.
Coin bonus: Collect coins.

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