Drake n Trap MOD APK 1.0.21 (Menu, Dumb Enemy, Unlimited Energy)

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NameDrake n Trap APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu, Dumb Enemy, Unlimited Energy
SupportAndroid 6.0+
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Help Drake and his friends navigate dungeons to destroy enemies in Drake n Trap. Drake is a guy who loves adventure and is willing to explore new things out there. The dungeon suddenly appeared as if anticipating this new desire of his discovery. And this became true when Drake decided to go in with the desire to explore. But this seems to be a pitfall when demons and nothing else constantly appear in the dungeon. They took advantage of Drake’s curiosity to lure him into the dungeon to attack and eat. So you must go with this guy and his team to advance through the dungeon and destroy the enemies.

The monsters in the dungeon learn that Drake is a boy who loves to explore the world. They created the mysterious appearance of the dungeons and spread mysterious rumors. Drake was intrigued and decided to find a way to uncover the mystery of each place. But he soon tasted the feeling of being rushed towards him by the demons in it. Drake was lucky to get out of that place, and it was time for him to give back to the monsters everything they made. He used his ability and memorized everything in the dungeon when needed. Together with Drake, create a team with unique abilities to fight the enemies.

Drake n Trap apk

Download Drake n Trap – With Drake and the team of dungeon clearing

Drake was trapped by the dungeon monsters who lured him inside. They are cunning demons with dark desires that only want to attack and destroy humans. The demons aroused Drake’s thirst for discovery with the dungeon’s mysteries. He was already in their encirclement, but he managed to get out of it with preparation. After escaping, Drake decided to take revenge on the monsters inside for lying to him. A particular group of friends are contacted by Drake and together go on a journey to revenge the dungeon. Accompany and battle Drake on his quest to slay monsters and indulge in exploration.

Drake n Trap android

Monster dungeon

The demons have held the dungeon for too long and specialize in bewitching people to enter. They are monsters and are ready to eat anyone who enters, whether on purpose or not. But a specific force sealed them and made it impossible for them to escape the prison door. Knowing Drake’s dreams of exploring the outside world, they created rumors for him to enter. Drake did indeed go in there, but he relied on luck and ability to get out. But hundreds of other people are not like him and are forever trapped in the dark dungeon. Uncover the truth inside that dungeon of Drake and his team of companions.

Drake n Trap free

Companion team

Drake will not be able to carry out his revenge journey in the face of many monsters. The dungeon occupied by demons was like a labyrinth, and he wouldn’t find them easily. So Drake chose to go with his friends and fight monsters with them. Drake has gathered them together, and each will have an ability and power in their own hands. Now everyone’s common task is to meet the demons and fight them. You will have the opportunity to meet all six of Drake’s companions after completing all the dungeons. But the time it takes to meet them fully will be long as this dungeon journey will still be fraught with difficulties.

Drake n Trap mod

Dungeon journey

Drake isn’t the first to enter the demon’s dungeon and face their onslaught. Others have also entered here and witnessed the horrors that lie deep within the prison. But he had better luck than the others because Drake successfully escaped the demons. He entered here with the heart to discover new things he always wanted. But the dungeon is just their plot and what he faces is only danger. Drake has escaped from there, and it’s time for him to seek revenge against the dangerous monsters within. Join the dungeon journey with Drake and friends to destroy each demon that appears.

Drake n Trap mod apk

A plot by evil demons is built and targets a boy who loves to explore. Drake is always excited by the interesting things that appear around his life. And the appearance of the dungeon also caught Drake’s attention, causing him to go inside. But this is a dangerous journey where the devils are waiting for him, not the wonderful ones. He was lucky to escape from there and prepared a plan to find the monsters and destroy them. Drake is ready to join his friends and embark on a brave journey. Download Drake n Trap mod to fight with his teammates to destroy dungeon demons.

Download Drake n Trap MOD APK (Menu, Dumb Enemy, Unlimited Energy) for Android

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