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Updated on 30/11/2022 (4 months ago)
Version1.20 b150
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SupportAndroid 4.4+
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LIMBO is a world where no order can control it. Experience the horror of the scary things that exist around you. Run fast, use all your skills to reach the exit. If you are not careful even a little, you will never be able to return. The haunting story is waiting for you to decipher to know the truth behind it. Dark things can haunt anyone if they are not strong enough.

LIMBO is a perfect combination of two elements: puzzle and adventure. The game gives players a blue color with white and black space. Not only that, but it also creates drama and suspense in every movement. Challenge the manipulation skills and intelligence of all players in the world. This game has won significant prizes from events organized for mobile games. Let’s enjoy seeing what this super product will have in it.


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A young boy wakes up to find himself lost in the middle of a large and dark forest. He didn’t know who he was and how he got to this place. But the priority now is to get out of this strange and dangerous place. Only you can help the boy regain his memories and overcome these challenges. You will need to find a way to avoid obstacles along the way. Run from the giant and terrible monsters that are frantically chasing the boy. If he dies, the boy will have to start his journey again. Lots of different puzzles are given for you to solve. The further you go, the more things you will know than ever before.

When you find the checkpoints, you will save the last process. So even if you die, you don’t have to start from scratch. The character will immediately return to the previously saved location, and you can continue playing. Never skip these checkpoints because it will save you time.

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Many obstacles

Obstacles will appear continuously as you move. At each stage, there will be different obstacles that create difficulties for you. Some things are not dangerous but are challenging to overcome quickly. For example, puzzles that you must solve to pass. Some challenges do not require you to think much but are synonymous with danger. Those could be terrifying monsters of enormous size. Ready to chase any prey that is moving at a tremendous speed. Try not to let these have a chance to swallow you up, or the consequences will be enormous.

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Take advantage of everything.

You will be like a tiny person coming to this cruel world. To beat the puzzles, you need to pay attention to everything around you. Those things can all connect to become tools or methods to get you out of there. If you meet a deep hole, never give up. Try moving objects around to the correct positions to perform their function. For example, pushing a boat into a lake to make a vehicle. Make the rock roll down to destroy the giant spider chasing behind. It would help if you also were very skillful and quick to make everything go your way.

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Rescue another child

As you complete the different stages, you will find that you are not alone. There are also other children trapped in this chaotic world. Most of them do not have enough strength to overcome significant challenges. Some have died or are trying to survive. Some are still alive but are being held captive by someone. It would help if you rescued the captives from allowing them to their freedom. That way, you’ll also use some of the related stuff to your advantage. Discover why they were all brought here, why they were being held. The mysteries will increase more and more as you continue the journey.

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Find out the meaning

Each different segment brings a particular meaning to us. You can take a close look at what’s going on and see its results. All will link together to create a sequence of events that make up a complete story. When you get to the end and complete the game, you will somewhat grasp how it unfolds. Some can be explained, but some remain unsolvable mysteries. LIMBO mod has always been a world filled with weirdness and darkness.

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