Dragon Sails: Battleship War MOD APK (Unlimited money) 0.20.1

Updated 20/03/2024 (2 months ago)
NameDragon Sails: Battleship War APK
PublisherArarat Games
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 6.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
Dragon Sails: Battleship War MOD APK detail?

You will receive a lot of money and experience after completing the battle

Introduce MOD APK Dragon Sails: Battleship War

Pirates will fight for glory in Dragon Sails: Battleship War. This is a battle for gain, praise, treasure, and much more. An element, of course, formed from the interests of the regulars at sea. Create awe-inspiring ferocity with the heavy weapons used. Delivering the quality and excitement that pirates deserve. Those who love this can start building their fleet right now. It would be remiss if we ignored the inherent cruelty of these fights.

The great naval battles are now not only in the movies as they used to be. It was realized by bringing in the action sequences of Dragon Sails: Battleship War. Recreate the scene alive in the conflicts of interest of the Caribbean. It is also quite similar to what we see in the movie pirates of the Caribbean. With the advantage of beautiful 3D graphics and powerful sound, it creates the best thing for the game. Make you feel the most authentic with the epic scenes we are about to see next.

Dragon Sails Battleship War mod

Download Dragon Sails: Battleship War mod – Fight the enemies at sea

It’s time for you to become the most powerful pirate king of the great bays. You will be engaged in a war with other random players. Our task is to move logically and destroy our opponents. But, of course, you will have allies who are on the same side. We will use our cannon and properly aim at moving targets. From there can attack and consume their HP until they wholly collapse. A victory will be when your team has destroyed the opponent’s members. Be careful not to give your opponent a chance to attack and knock you down.

Own a new battleship

As a game with combat elements, powerful combat tools are indispensable. But, of course, you’ll discover nearly twenty typical eighteenth-century boat models. These boats have their unique design language. This creates advantages as well as weaknesses that you should not ignore. So when you have enough money, you can find yourself a better boat. Use it for the purpose and the way you want to play. Of course, the more expensive the ships, the more advantages they have over the cheap segment. But control skills will be more critical for you to exploit.

Dragon Sails Battleship War mod free

Various customizations

You can comfortably customize the boats you own according to your preferences. The first will be the most significant upgrade for your ships. You will be upgraded from firepowers, such as sails, hulls, and others. From there, increase movement speed, increase damage and flexibility for everything. Gain an edge against some of the enemies you encounter in battles. Next is using featured flags and a unique design to create your brand. Make your boat different from the rest of the crew. Roaming on the battlefield to create a breakthrough that no one else can do.

Dragon Sails Battleship War mod apk

Fight with the team

With teammates by your side, you no longer have to be afraid of anything threatening. Instead, you will team up with random players on the game’s server. Along with that is facing opponents with the same number of pieces as yours. The two sides will fight to destroy the rest of the opponents. Whichever side is annihilated, that side will have to receive a losing ending. The rules of survival of pirates have been applied in Dragon Sails: Battleship War mod.

How to Download & Install Dragon Sails: Battleship War MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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