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Updated 30/12/2022 (1 year ago)
NameHuman Army APK
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SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Human Army

Humans, when gathered together, will create a tremendous power that the Human Army can express. They gathered from small individuals into large armies in large numbers. So make all enemies, no matter how strong, will have to kneel. But bringing together these individuals is not easy. So we have to calculate the strategy carefully to get the right quantity for the purpose. Thanks to that, you can win and bring back great loot. As a result, it is also possible to grow rapidly at an even higher rate.

Human Army is a simulated arena created for you to satisfy your curiosity. It answers the rather strange questions about people confronting big things. Not only that, it proves that man has more power than nature. They can do more great things than other creatures. Big enough to make all submit and fall below their ranks. Manually command these wars and lead them to victory. So customize all the essentials and start your fight.

Human Army mod apk

Download Human Army mod – Command a sizeable human army

Dangerous creatures are threatening the lives of humanity at a rapid pace. However, you need to know that people cannot just give up. Instead, become the commander and call them all together to fight the threat. Your main task is to collect all the humans, combine them into a powerful army,, and fight for your goal. Your enemies can be much larger than the size of a human. So killing them can take a long time. Can also do significant damage with his blows.

Various enemies

Your enemies will be creatures combined with humans with potent abilities. They can have all shapes, like scorpions, birds, lions, and dinosaurs,… You can also combine them into a similar large shape to fight them. The enemy can gain an advantage over you at the start of the match. Creating large sweeps can cost you human resources. You may find yourself confronting many small shapes at once. Or maybe they will become more and more giant in the following levels. What you are about to face will be scary if you are not prepared to be able to defeat them.

Human Army mod


You can face other players when the standard game screen is too dull. With the multiplayer mode, there will be randomly selected individuals. You and they together will be started from empty hands when the countdown ends. All will try to build up the shape they want. Collect as many humans as possible to help you complete your creation. Fight and compete to prove your strength in the arena. If you are the last survivor, congratulations. You have won the number one position and have the fastest intelligence and speed to surpass others.

Human Army mod free

Unlock new shapes

New shapes will make you stronger in fighting your enemies. But at the same time, it still requires you to gather more people, from small things like lions and scorpions to big things like helicopters. Even large animals and enlarge their size. Build unique human armies with what the Human Army mod allows.

How to Download & Install Human Army MOD APK (Unlocked all) for Android


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