Donut Factory Tycoon Games MOD APK (Free upgrade) 1.1.7

Updated 12/11/2022 (1 year ago)
NameDonut Factory Tycoon Games APK
PublisherClicker Games
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Donut Factory Tycoon Games MOD APK Information

1. Free Silo Upgrade
2. Free House Upgrade
3. Free Car Upgrade

Introduce MOD APK Donut Factory Tycoon Games

Delicious donuts always make the people of Donut Factory Tycoon Games happy. As a result, their value is also increased significantly. Create new food trends full of convenience and high quality. Especially those who love the sweetness of these cakes. You can create a vast empire with all that they have. Please take advantage of their abilities to create huge benefits. It is even possible to reach out to the whole world compellingly, like the big global enterprises.

Just clicking idly is not too strange for us. A game like Donut Factory Tycoon Games is one example of this. Belongs to a simple game, but the gameplay is not as simple as it seems. Don’t assume that will make you more bored. Instead, it brings elements of fun with the one-of-a-kind features offered. Great simulation for those who like to approach business. A job that brings a lot of risks but creates massive success for any individual.

Donut Factory Tycoon Games mod

Download Donut Factory Tycoon Games mod – Help the donut business grow

You were given the job of running a donut shop with a relatively straightforward start. We need to start making a profit from the buyers. Cake production technology will be used to create cakes continuously. Sell ​​to customers at a price specified in each box of the store. You will collect money and accumulate a significant source of money over time. So it is necessary to know what the restaurant needs to improve. From there, you will expand the scale to attract more sources of customers. Speed ​​up production and upgrade to higher quality and more modern.

Discover new recipes

The recipes for donuts are not only one but also very diverse for many places. Therefore, the improvement of donut quality is necessary for business enterprises. Once you have accumulated enough money, you can ultimately unlock new recipes. They will be transformed with a lot of exciting ingredients. Can taste oranges, strawberries, chocolate, and many other exciting things. These formulas will come with increasing value. The more delicious it will be, the more expensive it will be and bring in more income. You also need to have a production pipeline large enough to operate. Create so many products that customers never get bored.

Donut Factory Tycoon Games mod apk

Upgrade everything

Only delicious cakes will not be enough for you to sell products optimally. We need to consider many other unique factors besides them. For example, product packaging is also quite an attractive factor. When you upgrade the packaging to be more beautiful and exotic, it will attract more guests. It is also possible to increase the number of chefs so that they make cakes more quickly. Bring more products every minute to serve customers. You can also add sugar and other novelty toppings to increase the value of the cake. Do everything you can, and you will have one of the most successful paths ever created.

Donut Factory Tycoon Games mod free

Increase strength

To earn a more significant amount of revenue, we can use shortcuts. It is a tool to increase your productivity to increase your income. It’s like fast-forwarding with a modern device. It will all happen extremely quickly in a certain amount of time. Then it will return to normal and wait for you to activate it the next time. They exist in the lucky wheel of Donut Factory Tycoon Games mod.

How to Download & Install Donut Factory Tycoon Games MOD APK (Free upgrade) for Android


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