Icy Village MOD APK (Unlimited money/Resources) 2.5.2

Updated 13/04/2024 (1 week ago)
NameIcy Village APK
PublisherUnimob Global
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money/Resources
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Icy Village MOD APK detail?


Unlimited money
Unlimited resources

V2: Free rewards

Introduce MOD APK Icy Village

Icy Village MOD APK (Unlimited money/Resources) challenges you in survival missions to overcome the deadly ice age. You will be immersed in activities that challenge your ability to survive. That’s when the world suddenly had an ice age, and everything was covered with ice and snow. And you are living in a city as the supreme leader of the people. So your responsibility is huge when everyone is looking to you for your decisions. Your choices will determine the fate of the entire city, so you need to think carefully. Prepare to face the icy age and find a way to survive the coming disasters.

The position you take in a city trapped in an ice age is that of a city leader. So you need to monitor everything since the time the ice appeared on the earth. And the first thing you need to do is build and strengthen the village to survive the disaster. During this process, you must collect many resources and stabilize your life. Therefore, your leadership ability will determine the future direction that everyone is heading towards. They are also the biggest challenges you need to overcome in extreme weather. Start your quest to develop your village into a town that helps all its citizens survive.

Icy Village mod

Download Icy Village APK mod – Conquer the challenge of survival in the Ice Age

You will be the one who decides the survival chances of a community trying to survive. They are frightened by the arrival of the ice age and need someone as calm as you to lead them. So you need to gather them and build a village with them to devise a survival plan. Once you have enough human resources, distribute people into different workforces. That is the minimum requirement for you to maximize their work in development tasks. However, formidable challenges have not yet appeared, and you must try to overcome them together. Challenge your ability to lead your village to survive the frozen age.

Icy Village apk

Collect heroes

Very few people are left alive in the world and are still struggling to find hope. And to find you, they can be called the world’s most resilient heroes. So, in this ice age, their presence will be the best help for you to overcome the disaster. But to get stronger forces, you need to continue collecting new heroes. They have unique talents that help them survive and overcome the ice. In addition, those heroes will fight with you to help the village face difficulties. Collect Ice Age heroes to overcome challenges with them in Icy Village APK 2.5.2.

Icy Village mod apk

Expand your survival town

You are the village leader who gathers surviving heroes after a disaster occurs. The ice age has frozen everything, and you must open a village where life gathers. However, you and everyone else will die if you do nothing and wait for the ice age to pass. So you need to nurture this village and find ways to develop it. You can then establish new settlements and attract more people to reside. Besides, marking the territory to create the most solid community would be best. Expand your town to increase everyone’s survival in the face of disaster.

Icy Village free

Survive the Ice Age

Being a village manager during a disaster means great responsibility. Therefore, you must make decisions after carefully considering the consequences. If you complete the mission well, you can accelerate the recovery ability of the village you lead. And the residents are the core force in survival journeys and activities. Besides, it would be best if you tried to complete a diverse system of tasks to get more resources. This will ensure your survival process is continuous and systematic. Overcome challenging missions and survival storylines to gain resources to survive the ice age.

Icy Village android

You will be immersed in managing a village founded during the ice age. It was an ice age, and all resources and hope for life were almost exhausted. So you need to collect heroes and form a village with them quickly. You will join them through survival activities such as working, eating and sleeping there. Besides, try to build and upgrade buildings to develop the village. Also, use your talents in managing necessities to maximize resources. Download Icy Village MOD APK to develop your village into a thriving city and survive in the ice age.

How to Download & Install Icy Village MOD APK (Unlimited money/Resources) for Android


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