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Introduce MOD APK 1979 Revolution: Black Friday

Based on a true story about a photographer working in the most chaotic country at the time. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an action detective game. Recreate the shocking and suffocating events of Iran. Where wars and riots are everywhere. Many unfortunate fates had to end their lives or struggle to know their end. All were recorded in the most realistic way through the camera lens. A war that trades your life. Inspiring and has brought home many prestigious awards.

The game takes us into the story of Reza Deghati. A professional photographer is working in Iran. In this chaotic place, you will fight with him. Only 2 weapons are camera and work ethic. Your mission is to take war photos. Unlucky fates, crowds of protesters, and a lot of important information. Bring it back to the world intelligence agency to depict deadly cruelty and chaos. And must also avoid the gaze from the enemy at all times.

1979 RBF mod

Download 1979 Revolution: Black Friday – Regain justice and freedom

In 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. You will contribute the necessary information to the resistance and the intelligence department. Make decisions that can change an entire historical event. Because designed with choices and dialogue. The game is like a documentary that takes you to the air from 1978-1981. War and chaos, protests all over Iran. Enemies are everywhere and will stalk you at any time. So be careful because for a person of the resistance. The enemy will always torture and kill you to steal many important information.

Go through 19 different chapters corresponding to the stages in the resistance. Photographer Reza will fall into danger and be discovered many times. Along with that are action scenes, running away, fighting to preserve their lives. Then we can see the barbarity and cruelty of the Iran war. We will encounter pitiful fates. Children and refugees are everywhere. About the tragic story and the sad ending. Surely many people will not be able to hold back their tears.

1979 RBF mod apk

Learn the stories

The country of Iran is a country that still has a lot of problems now. So its history also has many important events that happened. Unlock in the game more than 80 stories that tell the war history of this country. In terms of politics, society, how people have changed throughout history. The detail and complexity of those stories pushed 1979 Revolution: Black Friday beyond the boundaries of a game. This is truly a document. A film inspired by real historical facts in the most profound and true way.

1979 RBF mod free

Right decision

It is inevitable that you will have to decide for yourself. Up to 4 in-game choices will appear on the screen. That’s when you are tortured by the enemy when you are captured, or when you are in a difficult situation. Offer life-or-death actions. Whatever you decide to do. Then the game will continue with a consequence that you create yourself. You are responsible for any answers you choose. It can be very sad and painful. But that’s what life goes on. Can’t do otherwise.

1979 RBF mod mod

Capture rare moments

You will encounter a lot of moments that happen from real events. Like the demonstrations of the Iranian people and revolutionaries. Lines of refugees on the street. Close-ups of bleak destinies and horrors of war. They are the most important documents in this war. To denounce to the whole world the cruelty and loss of war happening. Enemies will not stop targeting you if you have such important pictures. They want to erase all evidence to deceive the whole world. And you are the ultimate savior for your people. Run away when discovered and keep as many valuable documents as possible.

1979 RBF mod apk free

Through the stories conveyed in 1979 Revolution: Black Friday. Players have somewhat felt the chaos and cruelty of the Iran war in the past. As well as understand the difficulties and hardships of the people. Of the resistance army in the struggle and find justice for themselves. At the same time, this work also honors brave heroes. Has been sacrificing himself to bring back the most valuable information. Aim to expose the evil crimes of the enemy like photographer Reza Deghati. If you want to learn intuitively about this war. Your only chance is to download the 1979 Revolution: Black Friday mod.

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