Dishtionary: Survifood MOD APK (Unlimited money)

Updated on 10/01/2023 (3 weeks ago)
NameDishtionary: Survifood APK
PublisherRedRain Studio
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

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2. Unlimited Rupy- Won’t decrease

Dictionary: Survifood is a game that simulates a character straying into another fascinating world. In addition to the game simulation, there are other elements such as adventure, business strategy, challenge, treasure hunt, and discovery. Enter the game and transform into William, stranded on Ananas island, rich in natural resources. Must work on Timor’s orders to build a comfortable home for both of them. You must collect the necessary materials, food, and utensils by learning survival methods in the game, such as fishing, cutting wood, growing trees, and raising animals. Bring what you find to use and sell to people on the Ananas Islands to make money. In this case, some unique game mechanics are playable in this game, including mining, carpentry, farming, fishing, and livestock.

The game is simulated as a 2D game. Follow the way of building characters and setting like cartoon movies. Everything around is very dreamy, with the game music having a harmonious melody. The game players are easy to feel and immerse themselves in the game in a relaxing way. The gameplay is straightforward, with new missions that are easy for you to get used to. Assigned to carry a pickaxe to learn how to mine quarries and explore a different world you got lost in.

Dishtionary Survifood mod apk

Download Dictionary: Survifood mod – Adventure and discovery with a survival challenge

If you want to learn trading tactics, make money by survival. Then download Dictionary: Survifood game on your mobile and play it. The game is on an island rich in food, and you must follow orders to build a house. Change your lifestyle from poor to rich, and start by doing simple tasks. Take the challenge and use marketing tactics. Dictionary: Survifood is a role-playing game that builds your kingdom. Many missions are entrusted in this game that must be completed within the time limit. It will be fun but a bit rushed and fast.

Dishtionary Survifood mod

Build, Search, and Harvest

You’ll be led to quarries and orchards to learn the plants to harvest and find essentials. Do the mining tasks that the squirrel gives you to get used to the game. Go fishing, pick fruits, etc., to find food to survive. Characters are assigned stub pickaxes, and you learn how to use them. Using simple operations, ore blocks will be mined by the character. After mining hard, you will get items and gems;… Then you will need to go and collect trees in the forest on the island by manipulating an ax to harvest wood. The way you use the ax to collect the trees will be similar to the operations you use the pickaxe. Go to the lake, the sea to fish for fish to make food for your meal. Just get a fishing rod; you can catch fish.

Dishtionary Survifood mod android

Business Tactics

After getting acquainted with the world here, you are tasked with building your plantation. Control your items and bring them to the market to trade. Learn how to trade and manage to make the most of your profits. Hunt for treasures and explore to get rich. You are poor and set foot on an island rich in food and valuable resources. Learn how to use everything to earn and sell gold to make yourself richer. You have to work hard, get those resources from the forest and sell them on the market. Learn how to start a business with various ways to trade in-game items at the market. Items will have different prices; look for the most expensive treasures.

Dishtionary Survifood mod apk free.n

Upgrade tools

To exploit effectively and best, you need to have the best tools from the primitive tools you are given at the beginning of the game when you first join. You should constantly upgrade and look for excellent tools. Tools that help you hunt and reap need to be sharpened and maintained. Start with wooden fishing rods, stone hammers, and blunt machetes. Then look for items to create excellent tools such as stone inlaid fishing rods, gem-plated sickles, gem axes, etc.

Dishtionary Survifood mod android free

In the role of young William, lost in another world, living and surviving on the Ananas peninsula. A place where you have to survive; find anything that can be eaten to live! The game mechanics are beautiful and can produce unique items and materials. Practice constructive and business thinking with in-game tasks. Live off of it, have to work for the Timor family, and try to build something for me. Try to download and experience this entertaining simulation game. Do not hesitate to recommend this simulation game to your friends if you find it attractive. Download Dictionary: Survifood mod adventure and explore with survival challenge, challenge, and use marketing tactics.

Download Dishtionary: Survifood MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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