Idle Brick Breaker MOD APK (Free Purchase) 2.1.23

Updated 25/03/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameIdle Brick Breaker APK
PublisherTech Tree Games
MOD FeaturesFree Purchase
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Idle Brick Breaker

Skip the killing and gore games to come to Idle Brick Breaker, and play to relax. This game has the same gameplay as the brick-breaking game of handheld game consoles about ten years ago. However, with outstanding improvements, Idle Brick Breaker will give players a new and familiar experience. Initially, you only have one ball to break bricks, and you will get money for broken bricks. Use the money you have to buy more balls, and increase ball speed and power. The higher the level, the more bricks, and you will earn much more money to upgrade. Watching the balls collide with bricks, combined with music, promises to be a relaxing experience.

After a tiring day at work and you just want to relax, Idle Brick Breaker is a game that can completely relieve the chaos in your life. You just need to open the game, use gentle actions like clicking on the screen, and let the balls do the most challenging work. You can even thoroughly enjoy the game while cooking and drying clothes. Despite being an easy game to play, Idle Brick Breaker is enough to challenge players to create the right strategies. Play Idle Brick Breaker for light entertainment but still extremely engaging.

Idle Brick Breaker mod

Download Idle Brick Breaker mod – Breaking bricks gently but attractively

About ten years ago, when handheld game consoles stormed with the classic brick-breaking game. Now, there are countless attractive games with similar gameplay, and Idle Brick Breaker is one of them. After downloading the game, you will start with the first level and only one ball. There will be two options for you, and one is to let that first ball slowly do its job. Second, you will touch and break bricks, accumulate money and upgrade stats. Finally, the game gives players a lot of different upgrade stats. You can unlock balls with abilities like a great power, poison, or auto-aim. In addition, the music in the game is also highly suitable for stress relief.

Idle Brick Breaker apk free

Thousands of levels to play

The bed plot is like luxury with a simple game like Idle Brick Breaker. Players will have tens of thousands of levels to conquer and enjoy the same game. After each level, the number of bricks will gradually increase; there are even bricks up to a thousand points. In addition, players will be surprised at the extremely creative and diverse tile arrangement. The larger the number of bricks that can be broken, the higher the amount you will receive. So much money for what? To unlock more powerful balls, break bricks easier and faster. In short, with a seemingly endless number of levels, Idle Brick Breaker has enough appeal and can keep the most demanding people.

Idle Brick Breaker mod apk

Various upgrade levels

In addition to the richness of the game screen, Idle Brick Breaker also has a whole world to upgrade. After each level, you will accumulate money to upgrade many different power indicators. For example, you can buy more balls, increase ball speed and upgrade their power by many levels. In addition, each type of ball has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, some balls can be toxic and corrode bricks. Some types have automatic targeting, and you need to upgrade those powers. In addition, the game also equips players with other power-up items. Specifically, items that boost speed help balls break many bricks in a large amount of time.

Idle Brick Breaker android 1

Eye and ear-catching

The developer has been extremely wise when choosing neon as the main color of Idle Brick Breaker. This color type itself has created a completely different visual experience for players. Along with 2D graphics, it promises to make gamers unable to take their eyes off. Moreover, the effect that the bricks break into pieces also creates satisfaction for gamers. The shape of the bricks is also diverse such as square, circle, and hexagon, creating excitement. In addition, music is also an element to mention of the game. The sound in the game is sometimes melodic, sometimes intense. The harmony of piano and electronic music it’s the perfect creative combination. Music mixed with magical images created an excellent whole.

Idle Brick Breaker apkfree

Still a brick-breaking game with classic gameplay but highly new. The number of levels is countless, enough to satisfy the highest requirements of players. The game also offers a variety of upgrade indicators to help you conquer the game more quickly. Eye-catching graphics, catchy music, it’s worth a try, isn’t it? Download Idle Brick Breaker mod to collect lots of balls and break lots of bricks!

How to Download & Install Idle Brick Breaker MOD APK (Free Purchase) for Android


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