Dino Run Idle MOD APK (Free upgrade/Evolve/Dumb enemy) 0.2.2

Updated on 29/05/2023 (1 week ago)
NameDino Run Idle APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesFree upgrade/Evolve/Dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Dino Run Idle is a game like the name, an idle running game in the form of a dinosaur. Run and cross the path of evolution and growth of dinosaurs. The interface opens in front of a simple gate erected with three pointed wooden slats. The gate with the word Evolve signifies the beginning of the growth process. Just follow the route straight ahead, collect the foods. Supplement your nutrition to promote the growth of your dragon. Your dinosaur will start from level 1 in the form of a white egg rolling on the way to where you can become the hegemon.

The growth process of Dino Run Idle looks simple, but it is not. The process takes place on a green strip of lush grassland. Around there are still fossils of dinosaur bones. On the side of the road, there are lush green coconut trees growing intermittently. To separate the running track from the surrounding area, the left side is the lakeside with clear water. To the right of the track is a row of yellow-white fossil rocks. If you control your dinosaur to hit the fossil rock or fall into the lake bed. Then your dinosaur will also have to die due to the wrong way to run.

Download Dino Run Idle mod – Control dinosaurs through the process of growth and development

Similar to other long-distance running games, controlling the dinosaur is also extremely simple. Your dinosaur will run automatically, players only need to swipe left or right to eat a lot of meat. The main food for dinosaurs to grow up is the meat on the way. That is also the goal that you need to collect. In addition, on this path, players will encounter other dinosaurs. They consist of 1 to 3 animals lined up in a line blocking your path. Your job to do is to observe which child has the higher level. If your level is lower, avoid it to avoid being eaten.

Dino Run Idle mod apk

Growth process

Surely you have never followed the growth of a dinosaur before, right? Dino Run Idle will bring you the most detailed formation process. Since it starts with an egg, the dinosaur will form the heart first. Then there will be body parts such as legs, arms, tail, etc. First, if you collect enough ten meat thighs, you will form a rhythm for the dinosaur. After that, it only takes 7 pieces of meat to form the legs for the dinosaur. Grow your body with 35 pieces of steak. After that one cycle, your dinosaur will be increased by one level. Continue like that to fully form the parts and mature.

Dino Run Idle android

Fighting with fellow

The above mentioned that you will have to encounter other dinosaurs in the process of growing. It depends on the level you are at, but when you meet them, you can pass or not. These dinosaurs belong to many species and have different levels. Sometimes you will encounter a tyrannosaur with sharp claws. Or the red long-necked dinosaurs. The flying dinosaurs are not too high level. If you encounter dinosaurs that are lower level than you, fight them. Because the rule here is that whoever has a higher level is the winner, after killing the dinosaur, you will be added meat to the target.

Dino Run Idle mod

The process of running long distances

Speed ​​in Dino Run Idle is not so important. But here, the focus is on accuracy. On your way, there will be obstacles, but there will also be unexpected rewards. Such as magic gates. Going through them will add 5 or 10 pieces of meat, for example. There are also sharp iron traps that the ancients set to destroy these animals. Besides, there are rival dinosaurs that also carry special eggs. Try to kill that dinosaur to get the egg. Together they will help you increase your health stats or the blue plus sign on the left corner of the screen.

Dino Run Idle apk

The process seems easy but requires the most patience from the player. Sometimes you will encounter dinosaurs bigger than your dinosaur. But don’t mind that. Pay attention to the level of the opposite dinosaur. If its level is lower than yours, you can completely devour them. With more than 300 different levels, the road players need to go will be a long process. Occasionally, a black and white dividing line will appear on the track. It signals that a new road with more food is about to open. Download Dino Run Idle mod to know how a dinosaur grows and develops.

Download Dino Run Idle MOD APK (Free upgrade/Evolve/Dumb enemy) for Android

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