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Updated 03/01/2024 (6 months ago)
NameDino Battle APK
PublisherTap Pocket
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, resources
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dino Battle

Dinosaurs are animals that appeared on earth more than two hundred million years ago. They existed and dominated the earth during the Jurassic period before becoming extinct. Dino Battle is a fun role-playing game. It’s like a time machine that takes you back to the most developed period of the dinosaurs. Witness fierce battles between the most powerful beasts. Moreover, you can also create new dinosaurs yourself.

Dino Battle is a game about fighting between dinosaurs. A very new thing that Dino Battle has brought to this game is adding elements to the Dinos. Dinosaurs of different elemental systems will bring different skills. Promises to create thrilling and suffocating matches.

Dino Battle MOD

Download Dino Battle mod – Create the biggest battles of the Jurassic period

Dinosaurs are extremely wild and aggressive animals. Especially the carnivorous dinosaurs. They are always ready to participate in any battle. When participating in the game, players will play the role of the manager of a herd of dinosaurs. Evolve them into the most powerful dinosaur herd. Fight with other herds to collect money and valuable items. The hidden power inside your dinosaur warriors is still a lot. Take full advantage of them to advance to the highest level in the dinosaur world.

Reviving extinct beasts

The first thing players need to do to build a herd of dinosaurs is to buy eggs. Enter the store and choose to buy the first egg, then the egg will be incubated at the hatchery. The owner of the dinosaur needs to create a suitable habitat for his animal. Enter the store and choose to buy the environment that matches the element of the dinosaur you just hatched. Dinosaurs can only live and move in the right area. After having a suitable habitat, the baby dinosaur will appear.

Dino Battle APK

Each dinosaur in Dino Battle has its own power element. There are species that represent fire, which can create terrible fire screams. There are species that represent water that has the ability to put out the fire. There are also many elements such as Wind, poison, earth, electricity,…  And accompanied by these elemental powers are the distinct skills of each species. Promising to create extremely interesting battle screens for players.

Create a living environment

At the beginning of the game, the dinosaur farmer will receive a fairly unspoiled land. This place needs to be cleaned up to create a habitat for dinosaurs. Cutting down old trees, smashing big rocks blocking the way, you are spoiled for creating a living place for the dinosaurs. The land next to it is a place to grow fruits and food for dinosaurs. Players not only take care of dinosaurs but also perform duties as a farmer. Dino Battle wants to give players the most comprehensive experience when raising an animal.

Breeding new dinosaur species

Besides buying the dinosaur eggs available in the store, you can also create dinosaurs by breeding. Dino Battle will provide instructions for you to choose the appropriate dinosaurs and combine them together. Baby dinosaurs will hatch after a period of incubation. So your dinosaur herd has a new member, bringing in the combined power of your parents.

Dino Battle ANDROID

Level up and strengthen Dino

Baby dinosaurs after being born are still very weak. They need more food and energy to grow. The player now acts as a nanny to help the baby Dino grow up. By using money and fruit, power up the dinosaur. The higher the level, the more the dinosaur grows. Each dinosaur species will have a maximum level of 25, 30, 40 to 50. Helping the dinosaurs reach the highest level of development will turn them into devastating destruction machines.


Complete daily quests

Every day you will receive new quests from the instructor. The missions are varied and engaging. Basic tasks for you include: buy more dinosaurs, breed new varieties, grow and harvest fruits, participate in combat with other dinosaurs,… Each mission will help you earn a lot of money gold, green gems, and fruit. Use this loot to buy as well as upgrade dinosaurs.

Dino Battle MOD APK

Return to the primitive times millions of years ago with Dino Battle mod, explore the world of giant reptiles that once ruled this planet. Players will witness the fiercest and most intense fighting between the dinosaurs. Besides, there are relaxing moments when taking care of the fruit farm. See the funny and extremely beautiful dinosaurs. Create your own herd of the strongest Jurassic dinosaurs and join us in the fight.

How to Download & Install Dino Battle MOD APK (Unlimited money, resources) for Android


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