Awakening of Dragon MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) 3.0.1

Updated 26/03/2024 (2 months ago)
NameAwakening of Dragon APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Damage, defense multipliers
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Awakening of Dragon MOD APK detail?
  • V1: Menu/Damage, defense multipliers

Only works in PVE mode

  • V2: Dumb enemy

Introduce MOD APK Awakening of Dragon

Dragons are mythical creatures that have been included in many games, Awakening of Dragon MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) being the best example. Their power has consistently been rated equal to the gods and can change reality. We will see that again in this game. Choose the power that suits you best, show the characteristics of dragons to defeat hundreds of other dragons. Your genius will be shown when you stand up and fight. Choosing to take either path will lead to entirely separate ends. If you have prepared everything, start now.

Awakening of Dragon APK mod tells the story of ancient dragons. Travel back to the past, where battles between many dragons broke out. The Demon King at that time was the strongest and had the ambition to take over the world. Therefore, seven dragons have combined and created a space portal. Until one day, the Demon King travelled there and created death again. Travelling to a more peaceful land to live in is Arcus. Here appeared three races: humans, elves, and dwarves. All live peacefully under the protection of the gods.

Awakening of Dragon free

Download Awakening of Dragon mod – Become the last hope of peace

Only a single individual known as the Chosen One can stand up to the Demon King and destroy his clique to preserve peace. That person is none other than you – the player. You will enter the world of Awakening of Dragon APK 3.0.1. Choose your sacred dragon power and awaken as a savior. Go through hundreds of battles with various enemies to protect the beautiful and peaceful land of Arcus. During the battle, you will awaken many times and gain many levels of strength continuously. That is very important to help players easily adapt to the battlefield. Acquire new powers to defeat the evil army of demons.

Fight on the most immersive 3D battlefield with ultimate graphics. You will use the virtual keys on the screen to move and launch skills. The monster to be faced will sometimes be of many sizes. Rely on their abilities to dodge and counterattack perfectly. The process of fighting will be very long, requiring you to have patience. Of course, Awakening of Dragon will not let you get bored when you have to fight on the same battlefields. Each match has its characteristics and must increase strength to have a chance to continue.

Awakening of Dragon mod

Choose a guardian god

To be able to save the world, you first need to create your character and choose your power. There are seven species of divine dragons for you to choose from to receive protection until the very end. Those are dragons representing different elements. From Fire, Ice, Light, Darkness, Life, Time and Space. Choosing a dragon will show its characteristics on character creation and armor. For example, the Fire dragon, whose main color is red and the skills possess destructive flames. Just like that, choose your favourite dragon and proceed to build the character. At some point, you can activate the lyrics. Transform into a dragon and destroy everything.

Awakening of Dragon mod apk

Save many lands

Beautiful graphics are not only shown on the character or monster creation, but also the buildings and many lands in the game. Arcus is a vast continent divided into many lands. Each place has its own unique topographical and climatic features. Your journey to save the world will not be confined to a particular land. You will have to go through many places, with different characteristics. The monsters in each place are also other. Capture the right terrain and climate where you will know the characteristics of the monsters you are about to face. Use counter-power to destroy them easily. Protect a land when it is entirely peaceful.

Awakening of Dragon mod apk free

Fighting in another reality

It doesn’t sound elementary, but it’s the other game modes in Awakening of Dragon MOD APK. In addition to the main story of the world saver, you will be involved in many more fierce battlefields. The most popular is SvS World War, wrapped in a mode that is many unique forms. It includes Server vs Server, Army vs Army, World vs World. Each form has a scale that steadily increases in number. You can fight with other players against monsters in unlimited numbers. Or players will fight each other to find the strongest. All have attractive power-up bonuses. Get any powerful hero involved all the time.

Awakening of Dragon mod free

Use the power of dragons to save the world from the Demon King’s domination. Awaken, the most significant sacred dragon power receives the dragon gods’ protection. Awakening of Dragon relies on your strategy and how to build your warrior. Use every skill you have to win and reach new levels. Join other players in large-scale warfare. Awakening of Dragon mod has always been one of the best dragon-themed games.

How to Download & Install Awakening of Dragon MOD APK (Menu/Damage, defense multipliers) for Android


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