Dig&Dungeons MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency/God mode) 0.27

Updated 29/10/2023 (4 months ago)
NameDig&Dungeons APK
PublisherMore Well Studio
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlimited Currency/God mode
SupportAndroid 5.1+
Get it onGoogle Play

Dig&Dungeons MOD APK Information

*MOD Features*
1. Menu
2. Unlimited Currency – Always Increase
3. Damage Multiplier
4. Defense Multiplier
5. God Mode

*Install Method*

1. Install Original APK via Playstore directly
2. Open the game and notice that you are signed in with Google ID (Please make sure your Playstore is signed in)
– Enter the game and wait until you watched the first cutscene.
3. Close the game
4. Go to Android/data/com.digdungeon.dig folder and rename it to something else (e.g. com.digdungeon.digXXX)
5. Uninstall the game
6. Install MOD APK
7. Rename com.digdungeon.digXXX folder back to com.digdungeon.dig
8. Open the game and enjoy
Note: If for whatever reason, the google id is no longer singed in at some point. Please uninstall the game, restart your phone, then restart from Step No.1.

Introduce MOD APK Dig&Dungeons

Dig&Dungeons MOD APK – is a long trip full of dangers that can always make you unable to return. There are various characters for you to control; they have different skills, movement speeds, and the ability to adapt to different levels. There are treasures and other things deep underground, but they are located in other locations, so you cannot know what you will get behind the soil and rocks. In addition, enemies are inevitably underground, and they will be in your way. Their levels and classes will also differ, so you must be extremely careful before each battle.

The dark, mysterious space will make many people feel a bit scared when they first experience it because they do not know what they will face and whether they will be able to fight back. But there’s no need to worry too much because there will be highly detailed beginner instructions for you on how to fight, what to do, and how to use items. Classic graphics and a familiar gameplay style will make many people remember the early games but with a more complete level. You not only fight and explore things inside the dark dungeon, but you also need to be able to handle situations when you have to interact with objects to be able to move forward.

DigDungeons mod apk free min

Download Dig&Dungeons MOD APK – Explore scary things hundreds of meters underground

Exploring is a primitive human instinct as we are always curious and learn about things around us. The underground is a highly diverse habitat for strange creatures; there are many creatures that you still cannot discover. In the game, an expedition will explore the world below, and you will be tasked with controlling one of its people. The period will be when humans still use cold weapons and magic to fight so that all battles will be close combat. Besides fighting, don’t forget to collect minerals hidden deep inside each wall.

DigDungeons free min

Characters in the group

A small group explored underground, with only four people traveling together. You can only control one person to move and do tasks and must wait until they are done before you can change to another person. The expedition members come from different locations; one is a knight, two are wanderers, and one acts as a blacksmith. Each person has different strengths; the index clearly shows their abilities. But when you go on the battlefield, your skills determine your victory or defeat.

DigDungeons mod min

Battle skills

In fights, regular attacks are what heroes use to maintain damage over time. But that alone is not enough because the more profound the enemies are, the stronger and more durable they are. Therefore, skills will be handy tools to help them survive on the fierce battlefield. Each skill will have a different purpose and cooldown time. Long cooldown skills mean its ability is potent, and you should only use it at essential times. You need to use other skills as soon as they cool down because that will cause the enemies to be destroyed quickly.

DigDungeons mod apk min


You will have a backpack to store items inside. Its area is vast and can hold quite a few things. These can include potions you can carry into battle, traps you can place on your way to block attacks, and weapons that can attack from afar. Many other things with diverse uses can help you go through this journey more easily. Most of them are treasure chests that you encounter along the way. So, if you want many items, you should work hard to get the desired results.

DigDungeons mod free min

The rulers

The monsters on the battlefield are incredibly numerous and diverse, but they will be widely distributed everywhere and never gather in too large a group. Monsters that have many similar identities are not too powerful and are not difficult to destroy. But those alone in a prominent place often have extremely formidable power and guard something significant. Explore what’s hidden underground at Dig&Dungeons MOD APK.

How to Download & Install Dig&Dungeons MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited Currency/God mode) for Android


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