Wonder Tactics MOD APK (Menu/God mode, onehit) 1.8.0

Updated 22/01/2022 (2 years ago)
NameWonder Tactics APK
CategoryRole Playing
MOD FeaturesMenu/God mode, onehit
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Wonder Tactics

Strategy games will never be less attractive if there are names like Wonder Tactics. In such games, you will be the commander to create a powerful team fighting with different characters. Rarely can we see a game that needs a cute character formation like this? Wonder Tactics is no exception. Only through danger can we know how complicated everything is. You will practice your ability to handle situations and combine many different elements in this game. Test your strength in any land you want. The important thing is that you have enough power to get there.

The process of collecting battle heroes is one of the factors that makes Wonder Tactics so attractive. Every gamer wants to see the full power of these lovable characters. Therefore, warriors must have many different factors. Combining them in battles will be a lot more interesting. As a result, players will create many different strategies and play styles. The number of warriors will be proportional to the tactics the player creates. And in Wonder Tactics, there are hundreds of characters to satisfy that taste.

Wonder Tactics mod

Download Wonder Tactics mod – Play as a commander strong army of warriors

Unlike many other strategy games, Wonder Tactics is sometimes a place for players to spend time collecting characters. Battles are everywhere for you to experience unlimitedly. However, you can play it any way you like. Become the strongest commander? Does not matter. Or start the path of the best warrior collector? All are workable. The number of more than 300 heroes of Wonder Tactics will increase over time not so that the game screen and other content remain the same. The world in the game is always large enough for gamers to explore for a long time.

Players can bring up to 5 warriors in each battle. Defeat monsters from different continents to increase their level and strength. Each land is divided into dozens of consecutive levels. If you complete the level perfectly, you will get up to 3 stars for each level. Completing one continent will lead you to another. Terrain and monsters will be changed; bosses will also be more assertive. A long and rewarding journey to train warriors towards ultimate strength.

Wonder Tactics mod apk

Hero Level Classification

We will not consider the character’s level when upgrading or fighting. Wonder Tactics’ warrior system is divided into five separate elements. They are Water, Fire, Earth, Light, and Dark. The resistance between the warriors is evident in their elemental. Water will overcome Fire; Fire will overcome Earth. Earth will overcome Water. The remaining Light and Darkness always oppose each other to many degrees. Rely on that critical information to build a squad when you know who your opponent will be in advance. In addition, the quality of warriors from 1-5 stars also shows their rarity. Warriors of 4 stars or less can also be evolved to increase the number of stars.

Wonder Tactics mod apk free

Diverse dungeon system

The number of dungeons also reflects the vastness of the levels in Wonder Tactics. More than 150 dungeons are scattered on continents all over the world. The larger the dungeon, the greater the chance of encountering many dangerous monsters. There are three main difficulty modes for you to choose according to your ability. Depending on the dungeon, change the strategy and formation because the types of monsters will be very different. Most of them will only appear in unique dungeons. But that is more than enough for players to invest in and claim the rewards. The exciting elements for players to have a reason to explore the dungeons are treasure towers, raids, hidden arenas…

Wonder Tactics mod free

Challenge other players

What could be more exciting than the feeling of winning when fighting other players in the game. Because they are also players, they will own the same warriors as yours. Sometimes even stronger and rarer than you. What is important is the arrangement of the squad and the ability to link between the warriors. Anyone who makes good use of those will gain an edge in PvP combat. Are you one of the strongest commanders in Wonder Tactics? If yes, then show your ability right away.

Wonder Tactics free

The way to fight is quick but still tactical. Shaping warrior characters in the form of chibi is adorable. The size of the world is large enough to be explored at any given time. Wonder Tactics aims to be quick and straightforward while making players think about strategy before fighting. With the elements in harmony at a moderate level, the Wonder Tactics mod is worth giving you many moments of relaxation and fun entertainment.

How to Download & Install Wonder Tactics MOD APK (Menu/God mode, onehit) for Android


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