Demon Survival MOD APK 1.03 (Menu, Gold Multiplier, Fast Level Up)

Updated on 12/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameDemon Survival APK
PublisherRubén Pecellin
MOD FeaturesMenu, Gold Multiplier, Fast Level Up
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Demon Survival is an action role-playing game that offers a level-based survival adventure. The war takes place in the future in the 2100s. When the entire earth was destroyed by the ravages of war. There have been two demons born from the smoke bombs of war. One of the two characters is named Valiant, this one has the strongest strength of the two characters. It uses its divine power to destroy everything. The other demon is your character, named Ryu Kazagui. The Valiant has defeated you and built an army of powerful demons, who have gone to wreak havoc on the entire planet and cause unforeseen consequences.

Your job to do now is to go to the valley of death. Find the location of the demon king Valiant and complete your noble mission. That is to destroy the demon king and regain the inherent peace of the earth. At the beginning of the game, players are guided with basic operations to get used to. The first is to learn how to control the movement of the character, standing in the middle of a circle of gold coins. The player moves by touching the screen and collecting all the gold coins. Next is to move in front of the enemy, then touch him to attack. After they die, they turn into glowing white stars. That’s the experience you need to gather to level up.

Demon Survival mod

Download Demon Survival mod – The battle for survival against the demon king Valiant takes place in the future

Once you have mastered the steps through the directions and instructions at the top of the screen. Players are taken to the main interface, where the map of the levels is arranged in order. The story of Demon Survival is divided into many different chapters. Players must complete the small levels in each chapter to unlock the next chapters. Each level is represented by a square with a white border and a number inside. The levels are connected by dashes of the same color. The game requires you to kill the specified number of demons, when you fill the request bar with green, you have completed a level.

Demon Survival mod apk

Learn more skills

When the battle is in progress if the player has gained enough experience. Having the ability to learn new skills, more advanced skills will appear. These spells are diverse, from weapons to defense or healing. Like a sword card, it means how much the weapon’s attack power is increased. Or the increased speed skill is shown as a running person in blue. Or the skill with the shape of a piece of meat helps increase the player’s physical attack ability. The ball of fire, each encroaching on the hand, is a slash surrounded by flames. Or magnets help attract experience and gold coins towards the player.

Demon Survival apk

Boss fight

In addition to the petite-looking demons that hang around you. Going to higher levels will appear stronger bosses with better skills and appearance. Since all the demons here are completely black, only the eyes are bloodshot. Therefore, the player can only guess the bosses by observing them. There are demons with knives and hammers running towards you. The goblins, whose bodies must be three or four times larger than your character also appear in front of your eyes. The beasts were killed many times but still did not cool down in physical strength. But if they die, they bring a lot of money and experience.

Demon Survival apk free

Multiple game modes

Demon Survival’s game modes are also very diverse as they are represented by different chapters. Each chapter brings a new style and terrain to play. But players need to complete the requirements of each chapter one by one to unlock the next chapter. Because the terrain here does not have too many obstacles, players will have little difficulty in new terrain. Instead, play styles such as defense and attack. Or the army of youkai may appear in a rush. These youkai are distributed and appear unevenly. They can approach you little by little. Or it can also attack so fast that you can’t turn back.


In addition to the above support skills, players can also change and upgrade weapons. Just use the gold coins earned during the battle. Enter the warehouse area to upgrade equipment such as swords, hammers, and axes;… When using support skills, combat operations will have many different light colors. Blue light balls rained down from the sky. Download Demon Survival mod the fight against the evil Valiant demon king full of evil tricks.

Download Demon Survival MOD APK (Menu, Gold Multiplier, Fast Level Up) for Android

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