Prison Escape MOD APK (Unlimited money, honors) 1.1.8

Updated on 18/02/2023 (1 month ago)
NamePrison Escape APK
PublisherWords Mobile
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, honors
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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All prison escape skills will appear in this game. If you want to try prison escape, then try your hand at Prison Escape. Combined with the most intelligent and unique situational handling skills. You will go from one event to another. Out of sight of the guards, use a variety of items needed for the escape. That alone took a lot of gray matter to spend. Action elements are prioritized above all to bring players into many exciting moments. Join Prison Escape to see how hard it is and how difficult it is to escape.

No exaggeration, this is probably one of the most unique and interesting stealth action games. Not just about the dangerous prison setting. It also reflects the brutality and cruelty of the barbaric corrections officers. To escape from this earthly hell takes a lot of work and wisdom. You will play Prison Escape to train your brain. Combine with unexpected situations to test your reflexes. Solve with knowledge and clever deception. Will you be able to find freedom on your own and live a new life again?

Prison Escape mod

Download Prison Escape mod – Escape with all resources you have

Prison Escape is an action-themed game and prison escape. Players will play the role of a criminal who plans to break out of the safest prison in the world. To do that, he will need a lot of different factors. You will be the one to help him find those specific elements. Find the most accurate and perfect way to escape. This will definitely take up a lot of your time because many different quests will have dense numbers. Completing each mission gives you the necessary experience and stats. Each mission will bring the path to freedom closer to you.

You will have to solve puzzles and perform the necessary actions to unlock many important things. Obstacles will constantly be placed in your way. After all, there is hope to help you escape from this prison. The story will have a lot of interesting events and activities. From bribing the police, fighting chaos, breaking the door is extremely meticulous. Just one small mistake is enough to send you back to prison. Will you accept the action or die here?

Prison Escape mod free

Use support weapons

It’s absurd that criminals can store weapons in prison. But let’s skip that unimportant detail to focus on the main parts. Weapons will help us eliminate the pursuit of many guards and police. Sometimes weapons can also unlock many extraordinary blocked places. Buy weapons in the shop with the money you earn through missions. They can be gradually stored for multiple uses at once. So please use them sparingly. Storing weapons in prison was already a utopia. We don’t have many resources to use.

Prison Escape mod apk

Solving tough problems

Puzzles and obstacles are what you will encounter most in the game. They go along with important quests and help you gain a lot of experience—for example, the jailbreak quest on the second floor to unlock a permanent passage into the future. Or befriend the guards and bribe them to gather information for you. Just completing them all will give you more of an escape advantage. This promises to be an extremely long and time-consuming process. But it’s not boring, but it creates an unbelievably interesting. Try to think that you can complete the puzzle in a hurry. Wouldn’t it be great?

Combine into factions

Sometimes it’s not possible to do it alone. Without many relationships, you hardly have the opportunity to challenge puzzles or easily escape many dangerous situations. So make friends with as many prisoners as you can. Not only does it make for a more enjoyable dungeon experience, but there are also more opportunities to earn important opportunities and moments. Our comrades will help us distract the correctional officers. Find items that have the effect of cracking. Since then, your guild has had many members connected. This making friends gives you a good chance to break out of prison much faster.

Prison Escape mod apk free

There have been many prison escapes in history. From the simple and chaotic prison escapes, there are many cases created by the meticulousness and genius mind of the criminal. Let’s experience that feeling with your own ability. Will you be able to break out of the prison most smartly and find freedom? Would you mind waiting for the answer in Prison Escape mod?

Download Prison Escape MOD APK (Unlimited money, honors) for Android

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