Death City: Zombie Invasion MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.5.4

Updated 21/08/2021 (3 years ago)
NameDeath City: Zombie Invasion APK
PublisherCharm Tech.
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Death City: Zombie Invasion

The world is going through the most terrible days when a disease is spread everywhere. Death City: Zombie Invasion is about a bloody adventure of survivors. A virus of unknown origin is spreading across the earth. Anyone infected by this virus will become extremely mad and out of control. Since then, a zombie pandemic has raged around the world. Those who do not escape in time will make food for them. What will the main character have to do to survive this disaster? The answer could not be clearer, that is, to fight until the very end.

Zombie disaster is not too strange for any gamer. In the world of Death City: Zombie Invasion, everywhere will be just death and chaos. One of only three survivors. You will go with 2 other characters to adventure everywhere in search of forces. Also find out what led to this disaster. Not sure if it can be prevented. But in the immediate future, you have to fight one-on-one with the zombies that are about to tear you apart. That is also the main content of the game.

Death City Zombie Invasion mod

Download Death City: Zombie Invasion mod – Escape from chaotic zombie disaster

Players will play as one of the three main characters of the game. They are also the only 3 characters that are still alive and are looking for more people. That trio consists of DAUN, Franck and Monica. Each of them has special skills for you to choose during the battle. DAUN has the ability to increase the damage of shotguns and automatic rifles. Meanwhile Franck will increase the maximum health. Monica increases movement speed and mobility. Mastering those basic skills, you can use all three to fight the zombies. When fighting, constantly switch to control each person in certain situations.

The main task of you and your teammates is to fight off waves of zombies. Travel through many locations of different cities in search of clues. They can be hidden in many cities, where the zombies are waiting in large numbers. Of course, you will have to overcome all to be able to receive those strong points. Step by step push the game to the climax and the top boss battles. Until then, you will have to fight a lot. Don’t worry we can upgrade at any time.

Death City Zombie Invasion mod free

Upgrading combat skills

Combat skills contribute significantly to our side’s victory or defeat. They may not be needed in the early stages. But when it comes to difficult levels, we must upgrade our skills if we don’t want to die quickly. Simply increase the amount of ammo in the weapon. Increase the maximum health of the character, increase the movement speed. They all have a special use. In addition to having to calculate the need for which skills in the game screen, it is also necessary to use the right character to promote that skill. That way you can complete the game in the most optimal way. Don’t be afraid to lose or make silly mistakes.

Death City Zombie Invasion mod apk

Fight in famous places

The combat environment in the game is extremely complex and diverse in landscape. It can be seen that you will fight in ruins, modern cities, vast forests or abandoned harbors. Anywhere there will be your footprints and the raging zombies. Shown in any game screen spanning anywhere in the world. Depending on the terrain of the game screen, they will also bring many unique features. For example, in ancient ruins, you can trick zombies into traps and instantly kill them in the harbor. Pushing them into the water is also a good idea. There are no areas that are detrimental to you.

Confront dangerous bosses

Battles with bosses are still highly appreciated for their difficulty and fun. Every few levels you will encounter certain bosses. They are all much larger in size and speed than normal zombies. At the same time, the power is indisputable when just a few hits are enough to kill you. So most boss battles you will have to dodge continuously. Look for damage opportunities in certain loopholes. This is sure to be a long battle. But not because of that. Their attractiveness is eliminated.

Death City Zombie Invasion mod apk free

Games about zombies and virus disasters are not lacking in the market. But to choose a few quality and worth playing names is really not much. I can assure you, though, that Death City: Zombie Invasion is a game worth playing. It’s not because of the graphics but the way it builds its special levels. Something that has highlighted the gameplay and special story of Death City: Zombie Invasion mod.

How to Download & Install Death City: Zombie Invasion MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android


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