Dead World Heroes MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited mana) 0.9.7_build7

Updated 08/03/2024 (1 month ago)
NameDead World Heroes APK
PublisherGotoLabs Game Studio
MOD FeaturesGod mode/Unlimited mana
SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Dead World Heroes

Fight against hordes of monstrous zombies that rush and try to bite the players. Combat revolves around attractive game bases for survival in battle. Dead World Heroes is a new generation of zombie-fighting action games. Fall into the world where the apocalypse and zombies spread gradually leads to the apocalypse. Find a way to save the world with a team of students fighting alongside Dr. Mike. Fight with terrorist weapons and the most potent equipment possible in the game. Accompany your best friends in the game to defeat the zombies. Indulge players in battles with hordes of monstrous zombies to survive and save the world in this Dead World Heroes game.

Collect and search every database of information in combat against monstrous zombies to gain the upper hand and power in battle. Dead World Heroes brings together all the most exciting fighting elements in one super cool zombie game on the action game market. Find ways to build battle formations using the most potent weapons. Make history when saving the world from the risk of spreading the disease caused by evil zombies.

Dead World Heroes mod android

Download Dead World Heroes mod – Stop the infection

The disease spreads quickly and is difficult to stop in the game. Dead World Heroes will give players noble missions and missions. Continuously rush to the battlefield to destroy the evil zombies and save the world. Accompanying the player are ordinary combat students who are trying to become heroes. The intelligent Dr. Mike finds the cure to stop the evil zombie epidemic that exists and gradually invades the world in this fascinating game. Use a combination of every weapon and the game’s most powerful combat characters. The evil zombie extermination party is ready to fight without hesitation. Pick up guns and weapons to build a companion team to fight in the battle.

Dead World Heroes mod android free

Rushing from all sides

Zombies are coming from all sides, Dead World Heroes players. Try to set up the best squad possible to be ready to fight. Confront the monstrous zombies when they are rushing to eat meat. Players often pick up weapons and shoot continuously at them, causing them to be destroyed. Manage in the most challenging situations in the game to survive last. Make a specific plan with each level of the fighting game against evil zombies. Steady around an area and deploy to fight some monstrous zombies. They are very crowded and dangerous for players to fight freely and never get bored. Challenge all kinds of action survival limits and fight these hideous zombies.

Dead World Heroes mod

Player’s Team

Build up a battle team to accompany players in battle with zombies. The beginning is to accompany Dr. Mike to start the fight with the evil zombies. Search for survivors of the demonic zombie plague. See who wants to join the battle squad that accompanies this powerful survival squad. Dead World Heroes allows players to choose and build up a fighting team of their own. Possess many different characters to fight more robust and prosperous. Do everything you can to fight the monstrous zombies spreading epidemics everywhere. Equip yourself with the most powerful and modern things and then go to the battlefield, players. Let’s end the epidemic with this team fighting with Dr. Mike.

Dead World Heroes mod apk

Power up

There is a team and a bunch of different weapon systems in the game Dead World Heroes. Upgrade your power to a new ultimate level with stars and levels. Do it all with gun star upgrades and super powerful characters. Continually improve and upgrade to better suit the battles ahead. Players can freely choose new characters’ versions and upgrade equipment in the game. Unlock new limits to unleash the hidden power within each player himself.

Dead World Heroes mod apk free

Challenge every game mode and map of this Dead World Heroes game for a challenge. Never stop while the evil zombies are still rampant out there. Try to contribute a part to fight and fight these evil zombies. Game modes and systems are continuously expanded and updated over time. Download the Dead World Heroes mod to fight and defeat evil zombies with orange and bloody student characters.

How to Download & Install Dead World Heroes MOD APK (God mode/Unlimited mana) for Android


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