DEAD TARGET MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Ammo/Med kits) 4.134.0

Updated 03/07/2024 (2 weeks ago)
MOD FeaturesMenu, Unlimited money/Ammo/Med kits
SupportAndroid 4.1+
Get it onGoogle Play
  • V1: Unlimited money
  • V2:
  1. Unlimited money
  2. Unlimited ammo
  3. Unlimited Grenades
  4. Unlimited Med Kits
  5. Immortal
  6. Onehit
  7. Freeze the enemy
  8. Many more features…

V3 : Menu mod

  1. Unlimited Gold
  2. Unlimited Cash
  3. Unlimited Red Diamonds
  4. Unlimited Ammo
  5. Unlimited Grenades
  6. Unlimited Med Kits


DEAD TARGET unleashes your battle against monsters originating from MZ organization that betray the treaty. In the context of the Third War, the idea of building a modern force was planned by the head of the Ministry of Defense. However, the MZ company has turned to threaten the President and cause an outbreak. Realistic monsters are the corpses created by them, you are lucky to survive. Your mission in the game DEAD TARGET is to perform to destroy all undead. Protect yourself and get promoted, players will start from the position of private. While surviving while trying to have a high rank, you do well your mission.

Although MZ did not comply with the previous agreement, this organization is very aggressive and wants to prove its strength. Therefore, you face a battle of extreme destruction. In front of the monster came out from the door, the ceiling, use the weapons you have and shoot continuously. There was no reinforcements, no teammates, but you had an important role with M. It was a girl trapped here, protecting her safe from the gruesome corpses coming. Not only does eliminate monsters, but you also have to make the MZ organization responsible for this unethical action.


Download DEAD TARGET MOD – Join the destruction war

DEAD TARGET with action mode to unlock each screen, you have two options to explore. Play fast or play in long task sequences. There are many scary places like Zombie River, can you survive in such places? Do not rush to answer, play to know what you will experience. Sometimes too much confidence makes you unable to stand a few minutes before the number of monsters is too crowded.

Your mission

As a soldier, your mission is to fight for the good. It becomes even more true with DEAD TARGET, you fight for yourself and the survivors. In addition to the daily task that will be opened when you pass level 4, the mission also allows players to perform many battles for rewards. At the most military level, there are quite a few easy missions such as destroying 6 poisonous men, destroying a super rock, killing 160 corpses … In addition to the bonus, the experience received early helps players level up and down. Just like that, your rank will increase gradually with the best fight before the zombies.

DEAD TARGET mod download

Weapons enough

There are not many weapons at DEAD TARGET but you will find all kinds of weapons in every battle. In fact, the non-classification makes players quite confused when choosing. But you will soon get used to it because the number of DEAD TARGET weapons can be counted. If you want a weapons-based game in a scientific way, West Gunfighter is worth a look. As for this game, players easily see a few popular guns. M1911 Pistol, HK MP5, Beneli M3, FN P90, if it is not enough to satisfy you, do not underestimate this game. McMillan CS5, Tesla Gun, MGL-140, Sound Breaker … that’s really the legendary weapon. You can blow away all monsters with a trigger.

Upgrade of weapons

Weapon standards are also very rigorous in DEAD TARGET. Damage, accuracy, rate of fire, reload time, crit and durability, a gun is determined by the quality of those factors. You can upgrade to increase every stat to the highest level.

Skin for weapons

DEAD TARGET has quite a number of Skins. In addition to changing the appearance of the weapon, Skin also has the effect of changing the standard stat. For example, higher damage, faster fire rate when you equip a new skin. Each weapon comes with its own skin, choose one you like.

Extra equipment

Players also have a number of additional equipment such as grenades, colour recovery, infinite ammo, no gun damage, no ammunition … Choose it in the store and buy whatever you find necessary in the game. the next battle. In addition, DEAD TARGET has special packages when buying gold, cash, special guns but GameDVA does not encourage you to use it. Downloading the DEAD TARGET MOD is really more than enough for players with everything to be available in this version.


You will participate in the battle DEAD TARGET not only as a soldier. The task the player is doing is actually like a hero. You cannot deny responsibility in this game, because you will lose your life when fleeing. Download the DEAD TARGET MOD to stand up and fight with modern weapons and eliminate all monsters.

What is the MOD feature?

– Unlimited money and gold.
– Remove ads in the game.

DEAD TARGET MOD unlock all weapons?

Except for weapons that need to be paid via Google Play, you can buy any gun you want with the money and gold available.

How to Download & Install DEAD TARGET MOD APK (Menu, Unlimited money/Ammo/Med kits) for Android


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