Time Control! MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Skins) 0.4.4

Updated 29/04/2024 (3 weeks ago)
NameTime Control! APK
PublisherYso Corp
MOD FeaturesMenu/Unlocked Skins
SupportAndroid 5.0 +
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Introduce MOD APK Time Control!

Become a guy with the ability to control everything at Time Control! MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Skins) If you know how things will turn out, you are one step ahead of your opponent. For intelligent people, it’s like a tiger growing wings when the two are combined. In the game, you will be a person with terrifying superpowers. Control and rewind the timeline as you like to make the move. Align everything with absolute precision. Characters only can move forward and cannot be changed. Do everything as perfectly as possible, or you must replay a game many times.

No fighting, no gore, no killing, but the difficulty of this game seems to be much higher than those games. Although you will hold the vast power of time in your hands, with that great power, if you can do everything, this game seems too easy for you. Just go straight and move forward; although there are a lot of obstacles based on real-life situations, it is pretty easy to overcome in the early levels. When later on, the real challenge comes, and it will make you go crazy every time you contemplate what might happen. See if your talent can overcome bad luck.

Time Control mod min

Download Time Control! APK mod – Consecutive surprises and magical predictability

Since the beginning of the universe, time has been an extraordinarily complex and confusing factor. Until now, we humans have been able to use numbers to predict the progression of time easily. But it is still compelling when it can change almost everything, including vast galaxies. In blockbuster movies, these characters who can control the endless flow seem invincible and extremely difficult to defeat. They will usually be supervillains or heroes who can overwhelm others, but what happens when the owner is a fool?

Time Control mod free min

Survive in the tasteless and unlucky

It can be said that your destiny is something that no one can understand. He has no outstanding school achievements and is just an average student. You go to college and eventually graduate and get a job. Of course, you are not interested in that job because what you learn is unrelated. Plus, bad luck has recently been constantly following you and turning your life into a series of tragedies. A series of unlucky events that make you late for work and unable to attend necessary appointments. Everything goes on for a long time, leaving you exhausted and feeling that everything is tasteless.

Time Control mod apk min

Luck by chance

Feeling unable to change things, he found a seer in the area. Once she had opened up about all she had been through and asked for the help of the oracle, she began performing the rituals. With hours of sacrifices and spells, everything around him became extremely scary and vague. But when she woke up, she said he was bad luck with low intelligence, so it was difficult to change his fate. Hearing that, he continued to ask for help from the prophet. She struck him on the forehead and started asking for money, so he left angrily.

Time Control free min

Revenge with everything

Feeling cheated, he wished he could go back in time so he wouldn’t go there and waste a large amount of money and get nothing in return. But suddenly, he turned around and felt extremely surprised. Thinking that it was all just an illusion, he continued to want to return to the present and did it again. Feeling that God had finally heard his wish, he decided to go to all the places plagued by bad luck and stopped laughing and talking happily.

Time Control mod apk free min

Discover abilities and new locations

But he seems to feel that everything is too easy for him, so he decides to go straight through those places and will align the time properly so that he needs to move forward. I don’t know if this is the right decision or the guy’s mistake, but at first, he is straightforward to overcome the obstacles. Open a path for the protagonist to go forward at Time Control! mod apk.

How to Download & Install Time Control! MOD APK (Menu/Unlocked Skins) for Android


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