Dancing Road MOD APK (Unlimited money, hearts) 2.5.6

Updated 13/04/2024 (2 days ago)
NameDancing Road APK
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, hearts
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Dancing Road

Music rhythm game also known as Rythm Game is an extremely popular concept for longtime gamers. Rythm Game are games that are themed with music and rhythm. The player’s task in a Rythm Game is to combine the rhythm of the hands to blend in with the melodies. Make great music. It can be said that a rhythm game player is the one who creates the music. Liven up the game with your own hands. Today I would like to introduce to you a similar game. That is Dancing Road.

If in other genre games, players can interact with the game completely randomly or at any time as they like. Then For a Rythm Game like Dancing Road. You will need smooth and orderly interaction. Depending on the song and the melody, you must control the hand movements with precision. It is possible to smoothly perform a perfect game screen. In general, in Dancing Road you have to make the hand move according to the intention of the game.

Dancing Road a

Download Dancing Road mod – Immerse yourself with the tunes

Each level you play you will be controlling a ball with many colors that change continuously. Traveled on a road with no visible stops. On the road appear random balls on 3 rows. There are 4 basic colors are blue, yellow, purple, and pink. Along with the music played at the start of the level. You will have to move the ball back and forth between the lines. Collect balls that match the current color of the ball you control. At the same time dodge balls of other colors to avoid losing. Over time, balls will appear denser with different colors alternating.

You have to be very observant and quick to move your ball through the balls of different colors. Collect as many colored balls as possible. Enjoy the rhythm of the ball that matches the programmed ball movements. Complete the level with a song you like, challenge with many other interesting songs. The controls are very simple with just one finger, but getting used to the rhythm and speed of the difficult exercises takes some practice.

Dancing Road b

Watch out for unexpected traps

In the levels in addition to the catchy melody, colorful balls also have other elements to increase the difficulty level for each screen. The first is the slope that when your ball passes, it changes color to the color of that slope. In order to surprise the players. Because if the ball changes color suddenly and hits another colored ball that you are planning to collect, you will definitely lose. The second is when it comes to climaxes or chorus of songs. The path will appear balls in a continuous manner. And there is only one place with the same color balls as you. Be skillful and calm to overcome those obstacles.

Dancing Road c

Exciting new songs

Dancing Road’s song collection is constantly being updated through each update period. This is a very useful opportunity for gamers to be able to enjoy their favorite songs. Achieved impressive scores because he himself was used to each tune of the song. Or even try out brand new songs you’ve never heard. Just to practice reflexes, just earned a favorite song in his album. Possessing the songs of the most popular current stars. What is better than being able to create songs of the idols you adore.

Dancing Road d

Countless rewards are worthy

Not only unleash juggling exciting tunes on hand. If performing well the difficult and challenging gameplay. You will receive surprising and valuable gifts. Like a brand new song, a lot of money to unlock new songs. The gifts contribute to the motivation for you to try to practice more your abilities. Completing the more difficult challenges, the more quality gifts you will get. Put your name on the rankings of the most formidable players. There are more opportunities to compete against the top players in the world.

Dancing Road e

For fans of Rythm Game and want to try their best with the harmonious rhythm. I recommend Dancing Road for the best music game. With beautiful 3D graphics, constantly changing in stages of the song from quiet to climax. The rhythm is consistent with every movement of the ball. Will fascinate anyone when trying it the first time. Download Dancing Road mod and experience a completely new way of enjoying music.

How to Download & Install Dancing Road MOD APK (Unlimited money, hearts) for Android


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