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Updated 23/07/2022 (2 years ago)
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Introduce MOD APK Dad’s Monster House

The puzzle game genre has become a widespread phenomenon in the past few years. Therefore, the manufacturer has launched Dad’s Monster House with the puzzle motif combining exciting adventures. You’re probably familiar with the colorful footage if you’ve played puzzle games before. But Dad’s Monster House is the exact opposite. The manufacturer has chosen black and white tones to help the game exude mystery and create a highlight to attract players. Passing the questions of the game, you will discover more special secrets. Dive into the gloomy atmosphere and discover the deep secrets in the house.

The plot of Dad’s Monster House follows Carlos’ journey after receiving a call from his father. Carlos is an ordinary office worker who has lived far away from his father since working. He did not often visit his father and let him live in his grave in an old house by the river in the suburbs. On an ordinary night, he suddenly received a call from his father. On the other end of the line came his weak cry. His father begged him to go home immediately and rescue him from this captivity. Returning to the old house after many years, many things have changed. He encounters many minor demon characters in his residence.

Dads Monster House mod

Download Dad’s Monster House mod – return to the old house after many years to rescue his father and uncover the mysteries inside the house.

Continuing the story of Carlos, Dad’s Monster House offers puzzles with many different levels. Players need to unravel a series of different puzzles. Gradually the mystery and the memories will continue to appear in Carlos’ mind. The plot of the game evolves coherently from the past to the present. Discrete narration combined with ghostly sounds. You will feel like you are the character in this painful story. Brings a feeling of truth and guilt after uncovering the hidden truth. The game’s author has added a magical and humanistic character to this game.

Dads Monster House mod apk

Hundreds of different puzzles

Dad’s Monster House hides a shocking secret under hundreds of different puzzles. When entering this secret house, players will encounter monsters that are scary but very cute. Each monster will bring a mystery that needs the player to solve. After solving this puzzle, the player will collect items and puzzle pieces. Retain all of these pieces so that a picture of the truth can be created for Carlos. The puzzles will include many different levels. There are questions that, just by looking at, you can find the answer to. But some puzzles require players to have subtle observation and logical reasoning to solve.

Dads Monster House apk


If the puzzles are too tricky, Dad’s Monster House will give you suggestions. To help players can easily overcome these obstacles. Dad’s Monster House offers a treasure trove of different hints with different levels. Players can use puzzle pieces from previous puzzles in exchange for recommendations. Although not always for players, these hints will play an essential role in coming to the final result. Especially the expensive touches will give the key points to the question. But do not overdo this suggestion. Because Dad’s Monster House only allows you to buy a certain number of hints for a question.

Dads Monster House android

Logical plot

The storyline of Dad’s Monster House will develop in a specific sequence. Players will explore from outside the gate to the house, from the living room, windows, tables, and chairs… to the kitchen. The bedroom or bathroom will also be integrated with puzzles flexibly. Each place in the house will contain puzzles for players. Solve the puzzle gradually to discover the mood of the producer. He combined here the emotions and the memories that he experienced. Feel free to experiment with these emotions to develop your views. Be it empathy, understanding, or criticism; it’s all your choice.

Dads Monster House apk free

Dad’s Monster House still retains the unique 2D hand-drawn graphic style. Create a unique interface. Combined with that are ghost music and black and white tones. These images make the house exude the mystery that an abandoned house inherently has. The producer hopes that you can find a solution to the impasse about family love affairs through Dad’s Monster House. Continue unraveling the story to collect as many items as you can. Download Dad’s Monster House mod to participate in the puzzle game to save the father who has been locked in the abandoned house for too long.

How to Download & Install Dad’s Monster House APK for Android


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