Cyber War: Cyberpunk Reborn MOD APK (Free purchase) 1.0.5

Updated on 28/11/2022 (2 months ago)
NameCyber War: Cyberpunk Reborn APK
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Join the brutal war and carry out a plan of revenge in Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn. You were born in the world of technology, but the enemies here have made you lose everything. A military corporation with technology has invaded everything and monopolized everything. Enemies invade the area that used to be your home, and you are forced to flee. You are the surviving hope of this vast urban city, and now it’s time for revenge. So the day of your return has come, and use every technology they pride themselves on to destroy them. Realize your dream of revenge against the rival who stole your homeland and create your technology world.

The battle with the enemy corporation will be no less fierce in this technological world. It is even completely different when the world has developed into high technology. So wars here always have heavy consequences; your hometown is an example. You are forced to leave your homeland and flee to a new place to keep the hope of revenge. The other corporation did not give up easily and repeatedly carried out assassination attempts on you. But they fail and deepen your hatred all the more. Turn that hatred into a terrible power that helps you to return and take revenge on your enemies.

Cyber War Cyberpunk Reborn android

Download Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn mod – Return of the tech warrior

The homeland of a warrior in the technology age was attacked and destroyed by a corporation. You play that warrior and have to run away, hoping to find a way to survive. But now you’re back with a more assertive stance and high-tech gear. The task you shoulder is to avenge your homeland to defeat all enemies. They may be called corporations, but they gather the evilest of technology. Your return is not only to avenge the motherland but also to eliminate the criminals of the future. Instead, become a technology warrior and take revenge for your homeland and the future of humanity.

Cyber War Cyberpunk Reborn mod

Tech boss fight

Your mission in a high-tech world is to destroy the enemies standing behind you. It’s none other than the corporation’s boss that ruined your hometown. The tech enemies you meet along the way are just minions they created through cloning. However, please do not underestimate this technology enemy because they can still harm you. And you also have to put your attention on the technology bosses with solid fighting power. Their fighting styles differed according to the technology they possessed in this world. So focus on the fight with the tech boss and gradually complete the goal of revenge for the homeland.

Cyber War Cyberpunk Reborn apk

Tech weapons

In this technological era, weapons are indispensable for technology warriors. And it is even more critical when the warrior needs that weapon to defeat the enemy who destroys his homeland. As you enter this futuristic tech world, you’ll discover cutting-edge weapons. The damage index of technological weapons is always different and helps the warrior increase his combat ability. It is fair to say that the technology warrior using the gun will be very reasonable. Because your warrior has to confront an entire super-tech corporation of the future. Use futuristic technological weapons and destroy enemies through missions.

Cyber War Cyberpunk Reborn free

Warrior of revenge

Many warriors will carry out the revenge campaign for the homeland, and you will experience it. Kicking off this campaign, you’ll be given a tech warrior to match your revenge style. They come from the exact origin, and all have a common grudge against the corporation that destroyed their homeland. When you come into contact with these tech warriors, you will see their different styles. These warriors also brought the technological weapons they created to fight. They will also use special skills from their homeland to mark their return. Using technology from the future, control the warriors to return to their land to take revenge on the enemy.

Cyber War Cyberpunk Reborn mod apk

You are a warrior who suffered the loss of his homeland created by a technology corporation. The technologies of this world could develop warriors, and enemies made war. Your homeland sustained heavy casualties, and you desperately wanted revenge against the Inhumans. But the force you have is too weak, and you cannot stand alone against future technology. So you left and now come back with new advanced technologies and weapons. The power is there, and now you realize your dream of overthrowing the technology corporation. Download Cyber ​​War: Cyberpunk Reborn mod to take revenge on your enemies and recreate a new world.

Download Cyber War: Cyberpunk Reborn MOD APK (Free purchase) for Android

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