Cube Wars Battle Survival MOD APK 1.69 (God mode, dumb enemy)

Updated on 13/01/2023 (2 weeks ago)
NameCube Wars Battle Survival APK
PublisherAeria Canada
MOD FeaturesGod mode, dumb enemy
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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No more boring battlefields, not just firecrackers, and gunshots. Come to one of the most special military games: Cube Wars Battle Survival. In terms of aesthetics, there will be a lot of people preparing to disparage it. Given that such a blocky game is nothing special. Well, prepare to take your thoughts back. Because this is one of the games that will make you feel bad from time to time. To know more I will tell you in the next section.

Especially, there is no advertising and loud promotion. Cube Wars Battle Survival has been quietly evolving from day one until its release. And yet it can still become successful and popular. Under the category of first-person shooting action. Although received many disparaging reviews for graphics. But with strong development and support from the community of players love. The game has given itself many factors to become a great game. Worthy to experience in any country.

CWBS mod

Download Cube Wars Battle Survival mod – Endless chaotic battlefield

You are one of the key members of the military. Perform the tasks that your superiors entrust from fighting the enemy. Destroy their bases, place bombs, race, and more. Because for such vital missions. You will not have to participate alone, your teammates will always stand side by side to fight with you. Regardless of the battlefield, which mode we will have comrades. Same different means of war as a real war. Strike on the battlefield to destroy the enemy. Bring back the trophy and complete all the quests.

The common point for shooting games is that the interface is familiar. It is almost no need to learn to know the functions of the operations. In addition to manipulation when moving with characters. They can change while you are driving a vehicle. For example, when you control a tank, there are only two types of buttons to move and shoot rockets. Create flexibility in gameplay. Helps you solve situations quickly and safely. Returning survival has always been a major factor on the battlefield.

CWBS mod apk free

The pace of intense matches

On the battlefield, there is no room for slow and slow. Because the enemy appeared constantly and dense. They will attack whenever there is a chance. You cannot stand still in the same place waiting for poetry for too long. Because each screenplay will have a certain time. Time runs out, you lose and cannot complete the mission. Please carefully calculate your strategy. Make it popular with your teammates so they can easily grasp the situation. Be ready to counterattack when necessary without having to order. The team factor plays a most important role in multiplayer matches. So do not waste time passing and make use of it effectively.

CWBS mod mod

Weapons, upgrades, and accessories

Weapons variety is a must-have in shooting games. Only Cube Wars Battle Survival is a little different from the rest. For is a war game with a chaotic theme. Various types of war vehicles are used here. Tanks, for example, have solid armor and tremendous firepower. Military vehicles, guns, and cannons are used on a regular basis. There are also extra upgrades to help your character increase survivability. Increases health, armor, movement speed. Their effectiveness will be shown very clearly in hand-to-hand matches. So do not underestimate but ignore.

CWBS mod free

Many game modes do not end forever

The most surprising thing is probably Cube Wars Battle Survival owns 5 different game modes. Each mode has its own rules and gameplay. These can be named Defense mode, controlling giant gun emplacements to destroy enemy vehicles chasing behind you. Offensive mode is the mode where your team will rush to destroy the enemy as much as possible. Avoid their dangerous secret weapons. Or the Battle Royale mode is exactly the same as the original PUBG game. All were dropped into a secluded land. Touch and destroy each other until only one survivor. A number of modes are enough for you to experience them all.

CWBS mod apk

All of the above-mentioned things somewhat better cover the gameplay of Cube Wars Battle Survival. This is a game about war and chaos. But does not intend to attack any nation or organization. This is simply an entertaining game. With the first-person shooter genre. Nothing other than giving you moments of relaxation. Attach more practice to your shooting skills. There is still a lot of fun in the Cube Wars Battle Survival mod. Download it and enjoy it.

Download Cube Wars Battle Survival MOD APK (God mode, dumb enemy) for Android

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