Cube Escape: Paradox MOD APK (Free shopping) 1.2.15

Updated 11/08/2023 (7 months ago)
NameCube Escape: Paradox APK
PublisherRusty Lake
MOD FeaturesFree shopping
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Cube Escape: Paradox

Cube Escape: Paradox MOD APK is a game that challenges your ability to solve puzzles. A scandalous detective who has lost his memories wakes up in a mysterious room. He didn’t know what had happened to him, but he recognized traces of an old enemy. And he knew he had fallen into a trap set by the enemy, so he had to try to survive. So you will be the one to help him overcome the puzzles and escape from this room. Their difficulty will increase gradually, but the detective’s talent will help them win. Conquer challenging puzzle levels in the room with the talented detective.

Dale Vandermeer is a famous detective, and everyone knows his talent. However, he also had many enemies, one of which tricked him into a trap. When Dale regained consciousness, he was entangled in their plot at a bizarre game. The enemy has put him in an uncertain room, and he must overcome them to get out. So when you accompany this detective, you will see his talent for solving puzzles. However, Dale still needs someone who can help him solve puzzle levels. Help the famous detective escape the enemy’s plot and recover his memory after the victory.

Cube Escape Paradox apk

Download Cube Escape: Paradox MOD APK – Conquer the puzzles and escape the mysterious room

You will be accompanied by a famous detective locked in an unfamiliar room. He remembered nothing about his past but knew he was in trouble. And when he began to explore the room, he realized that there were many strange things there. Everything seems to challenge his detective ability, and that is solving puzzles. And here, you must help Dale overcome them with increasing levels to escape the room. So you will experience unique movie scenes combined with games. Embark on a journey of adventure with a detective in front of puzzle challenges.

Cube Escape Paradox free

Start the puzzle journey

The puzzles will be challenges that you have to overcome with a talented detective. That’s when you and he are locked in a room created by a sinister enemy. He locked Dale in there and had to solve them all with his detective skills. So the puzzle journey in the movie background combined with your game has officially begun. And it would be best if you focused on finding the unique details to be able to solve the puzzles. They will also be hierarchical by difficulty, and you must use logic to solve them. Show your observation and thinking ability to solve puzzles in Cube Escape: Paradox MOD APK.

Cube Escape Paradox mod

Conquer puzzle chapters

You are the one Dale trusts on a journey to solve puzzles in a mysterious room. And at the start, you’ll enter the first chapter of a puzzle journey that combines movies and games. This is a free chapter; you must work out the hidden details. They will appear on different levels, and you must use reconnect logic. And when you conquer the free chapter, you can try the puzzle in the paid chapter. Here the puzzles have been upgraded and will be a real challenge to your puzzle talents. Explore different puzzle chapters and learn the stories after conquering them.

Cube Escape Paradox android

Unique combination

The puzzle journey has begun, and you will discover challenging puzzle levels. Then you will be immersed in a unique scene with a combination of movies and games. And you will start moving around the room and looking for its mysteries. Johan Scherft’s hand-drawn paintings will impress you with their fluid strokes. Or the puzzle atmosphere will become more attractive and dramatic with the soundtrack of Victor Butzelaar. You’ll also hear the powerful early vocals of Bob Rafferty and David Bowles. All will create a unique combination and memorable experience when solving puzzles.

Cube Escape Paradox mod apk

You will be challenged to think before the mysteries when entering a room. This is where the famous detective Dale is locked up and having many difficulties. He has no memory of his past and is confused with the puzzles here. So you must help him overcome the challenges to get out of there and find his memory. And in the puzzle journey, you must pass two chapters to complete the challenge. There you will experience the uniqueness between the two elements of the movie and the game. Download Cube Escape: Paradox MOD APK to show your logic talent when successfully solving puzzles.

How to Download & Install Cube Escape: Paradox MOD APK (Free shopping) for Android


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