Critical strike MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlock weapons) 2.1.0

Updated 17/10/2021 (3 years ago)
NameCritical strike APK
Publishersuperpub game
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money, unlock weapons
SupportAndroid 4.4+
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Introduce MOD APK Critical strike

For shooting enthusiasts. I would like to announce the arrival of Critical strike, the FPS shooter game that can be played on smartphones. Unlike any other game like Counter-Strike or Half-Life. The critical strike is true to the style of a fighting shooter. Which you can play alone or in a team. Along with owning a variety of powerful weapons and different colors. This is a new game that is worth a try for shooters. Find out how interesting it is.

It must be said that Critical strike does not have as many functions and beautiful an interface as its predecessors. But the game itself is only intended for the Mobile platform. So having such shortcomings is not a minus point. Contrary to such a simple interface, it is very suitable for many people who do not like the trouble. You can also enjoy it comfortably without having to learn too much. Mainly we will participate in many fierce battles. Where marksmanship skills are pushed to the highest level.

Critical strike mod

Download Critical strike mod – Show off your top marksmanship

With only small plot information – destroy the terrorists to make the world peaceful. Many people can already guess that the theme of the game is to destroy terrorists. In Critical Strike, we will play the role of commandos with the task of destroying terrorists. They are carrying out many extreme acts such as kidnapping, planting bombs, occupying many different areas. Equivalent to the basic game modes available in the game. Players will rush to the battlefield to rescue hostages, defuse bombs, destroy terrorists to complete missions. Free a land from many dangerous things.

Regarding the interface in the game screen, almost Critical strike has the same interface as other shooting games. Simply, the shooter of course must have the keys to run, jump, aim, change ammo, change guns, and move Joystick for your character. You can slide the screen back and forth 360 degrees to cover the entire character’s perspective. Once you are familiar with the basic operations. Let’s rush into the battlefield and fight for real with the evil forces.

Critical strike mod apk

Unlimited arsenal

Weapons seem to be an indispensable item in many shooting games. Typically, the same goes for Critical strike. No one wants to carry an AK47 continuously in every match, every mode. So the variety of weapons will bypass that boredom. With many different types of guns from rifles, submachine guns, machine guns, sniper rifles, shotguns… In addition, they also have different color versions with extremely beautiful textures. Comes with champion damage that is very popular with many gamers. Not to mention melee weapons and grenades. Create a creative battlefield, you are free to play the weapon you like. Generate more unique tactics.

Critical strike mod apk free

Play on different terrains

Another indispensable thing is the maps. Of course, the terrain is the main factor creating the strategy of the gunner. Taking advantage of the narrow terrain, a small slit or stone can also turn the situation into an entire match. Therefore, the maps possess many different locations and terrains. They are beautiful and highly tactical to choose from in intense matches. Abandoned warehouses, sewers, deserts, train stations, anywhere can become a battlefield. Stay alert and explore every nook and cranny of the in-game maps. You don’t know that you can be defeated at any moment.

Critical strike mod free

Interesting quest list

There is no denying the appeal of many different game modes. Part of that is because tasks are specific and detailed. Like how many terrorists to kill, where to defuse bombs and how many hostages to rescue. The large number and no duplication is also what creates the attraction when doing the task. Players will not be bored by many repetitive tasks. As each new mission will be new tactics and new weapons.

Critical strike mod mod

Critical strike does very well what a shooter is supposed to have. From different weapons, the maps are carefully invested. Even the unconstrained movement of the character. It’s like when you watch a 3D animated movie. Everything is happening very naturally and authentically. I appreciate the game the most in the game modes. Run, hide and shoot whenever there is danger or a fighting opportunity. Because you are a professional commando and will destroy every enemy in Critical strike mod.

How to Download & Install Critical strike MOD APK (Unlimited money, unlock weapons) for Android


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