Criminal Desires MOD APK (Free Premium choices) 3.1.11

Updated 12/10/2023 (8 months ago)
NameCriminal Desires APK
PublisherGenius Inc
MOD FeaturesFree Premium choices
SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Introduce MOD APK Criminal Desires

In the society where we live, all kinds of crimes are hidden. They are people who can be very stupid, reckless, and easily caught. Maybe those with a cold head and supernatural intelligence with the perfect cover. Let’s learn them in the world of Criminal Desires right away. Together transform into an investigator with the ability to track crime sharp. Follow the criminals and bring them to light right away.

The genre of stories with elements of passion from the past up to now has always been something very appealing to readers. The emotional elements of the men in the story are always intriguing details. To serve the reader Criminal Desires also carries with him that element. Like a collection of stories. Bring a context about the criminal investigation of real-life detective inspectors. A job that is somewhat serious and is a bit dangerous for itself. Experience the exciting storyline of Criminal Desires and find out what our inspectors will do to track down a criminal. How will they handle this criminal and how will they end?

Criminal Desires mod dowload

Download Criminal Desires mod – Become a talented inspector

At the beginning of Criminal Desires, the player will play the role of a talented inspector duo. They are given a very difficult and challenging task. It is to infiltrate the family of one of the most notorious criminals in the area and investigate. Along with that is to defeat him and bring him to justice. A task may seem daunting, but they will still take it because they have confidence in themselves. Their talent for solving cases together with sharp inference. You can choose the character’s dialogue to communicate with. Build a thrilling and engaging story in the direction you choose. Let your heart be the guide for this mysterious journey.

Criminal Desires dowload

Inference and logic

When playing Criminal Desires, you cannot just choose a random line. Because doing so will make the game unbalanced and not go in the right direction. You must have a reasonable direction for it. Use your sublime brain and great reasoning skills. You will lead the characters in your direction and from there open interesting things. Unveil criminal mysteries and desires throughout the fascinating and thrilling chapters. Feel Criminal Desires and the society it reflects in the most honest and profound way. Learn the psychology of smart criminals. Guess what they want and make the best decision from there.

Criminal Desires

Hard choice

Suppose if it were in a situation that was really difficult to discern. You can only choose between the dignified law and the other side of your loving family. How would you choose? Choose heart or mind? It is a very difficult decision but it will all be up to you. Let’s tackle the situation in Criminal Desires in the most sensible way possible. Each of your decisions will affect the direction of the inspector. Hone your analytical skills and acumen from conversations and handle them appropriately. Let yourself lead this story to be dramatic and compelling right away.

Criminal Desires mod

Decide your future

It’s not easy to decide on your own future right. Each of these circumstances will affect your step in life. We cannot know what will happen next in our lives. Each of our major decisions will affect what we are and will do. So think wisely, choose reasonably. Smart decisions will make it easier for you to walk on the path to your aspirations. No regrets about what I have chosen and done in my life. The future of Criminal Desires inspectors depends on you.

Criminal Desires mod apk

Choose the ending you want

It’s interesting that you have the decision to end the Criminal Desires, is not it. All details in the case that you solve will be related to the ending. Happy or not, it all depends on how you play. Different personalities will take the game in different directions. You will be like a movie director by yourself. Take the movie in the direction you really want it to be. Please lead the inspectors in the correct direction. The end will also surprise you and have to make difficult decisions. Download now Criminal Desires mod, transforming into handsome and super cool inspectors. Let’s find out about the desires of criminals and solve them right away.

How to Download & Install Criminal Desires MOD APK (Free Premium choices) for Android


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