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Updated 02/02/2022 (2 years ago)
NameBio Inc. Redemption APK
PublisherDryGin Studios
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SupportAndroid 5.1+
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Bio Inc. Redemption MOD APK Information

Mod version Bio Inc. Redemption

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Introduce Bio Inc. Redemption MOD APK

Bio Inc. Redemption is a game that simulates complex biomedical techniques. Entering the world of the game, you will be completely conquered by Bio Inc.’s graphics and sound systems. Redemption. The game is designed with sharp 3D graphics. Every detail of the human body is built on the actual human body. Great visual and sound effects. So players will get the most authentic experience. In addition, you can get a lot of rewards through each game. It could be money, gold, lucky spins, and bio points. In addition, the game also brings together a variety of practical medical skills.

The game gives you 2 options of characters. You can both play the role of the leader of an excellent medical team and the role of a person who specializes in spreading infectious diseases to people. It’s up to you to be a good person or a bad guy. You will learn about 600 practical diseases. Symptoms are presented on a real-life basis. You will be directly tested, diagnosed, find the appropriate treatment,… Or you can be a researcher of a disease based on a certain cell. Propagate and develop them into epidemics, bringing suffering to mankind. The game promises to attract you to every moment.

Bio Inc Redemption mod

Download Bio Inc. Redemption mod – Discover the mystery of the human body

Starting the game you will choose either life or death campaigns. The interface for each selected campaign will show the goal to be accomplished. The game will have some quick instructions to help you grasp how to play. Bio Inc. Redemption provides players with modern machines. Simulation game like you are in a real hospital. Indicators of the patient’s general health are displayed in the most detail. Those are small molecular details such as genetic code to larger details such as heart, liver, brain,… All are expressed authentically and vividly through the patient model on the screen.

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Mission every day

The game has many levels. To pass the levels you need to complete the set objectives. The main task in this game is to collect biological points. At each level, you will get the patient’s disease status. Blood cells and proteins appear on the patient. You need to harvest them to find and use bio scores. This point will help you diagnose and treat your patient. Collect resources by touching and holding on to blood cells. There are also other tasks such as unlocking the biological map, tracking diseases, taking care of the sick,… These tasks will be divided equally by the two spaces of life and death.

Bio Inc Redemption mod apk

Biological map

The game gives you practical knowledge of more than 600 different diseases. Symptoms of these diseases are shown through the biological map. To unlock this bio map you need to accumulate enough bio points. Thanks to this bio-map, you can know which diseases your patients are at risk for. The map includes laboratory, diagnosed disease,… After you have finished your treatment, you can re-enter the bio-map to learn how to recover. The map shows you the active lifestyles. It can be relaxation therapy, Mediterranean diet,… There are also active treatment items to help patients get better.

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Life or death

Bio Inc. Redemption gives you 2 open spaces. Here you can become a doctor who gives life to human genius. Or you can choose the second space. Become a powerful god of death taking human lives. When you experience the living space you will be receiving the patients. Your task now is to diagnose the disease they have. Then use the skills you have to heal them. And in the space of death, what you face is an epidemic. A dark, cruel side of you appears. You will use every means to make the victim suffer in their illness. Finish them in the best way.

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How wonderful it is to take care of each patient in person and see them recover. The game gives you unique experiences of a realistic biomedical environment. You will gain a lot more scientific knowledge about common diseases. How to prevent the disease, how to handle that disease,… are simulated by the game very vividly. The sound graphics are also a huge plus for the game to reach you. The game has 4 diverse game modes. So players have a lot of choices to create a new feeling when playing. Do not hesitate to download Bio Inc. Redemption mod discovers and experience valuable medical experiences.

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