Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited energy, hints) 2.41

Updated 14/10/2023 (5 months ago)
NameCriminal Case APK
PublisherPretty Simple
MOD FeaturesUnlimited energy, hints
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce MOD APK Criminal Case

Surely you also have cartoons that you used to love. One of them is the detective genre, I think it will be on that list. Criminal Case is the game for you to challenge yourself as a detective and the forensic profession. There are many cases that take a lot of work to find the culprit. The police cannot investigate by themselves without supporting parties such as detectives. Grimsborough is actually having so many things going on that the police here are having a lot of headaches. Criminal Case gives you the ability to research evidence and investigate the scene to soon catch the person behind it all. You need to think a lot while playing this game.

The Criminal Case comes with a variety of challenges from easy to difficult. Play as a detective and show off your talent for everyone to see your talents. When the case comes to a standstill, you are the only person who can solve the problem is you? Can’t let crime stay here any longer. Coordinate with the parties, find the truth of the matter. There are many tragic cases that have happened, but the killer is still out of the law. This can be considered an adventure to find the balance of justice. Challenging intellectual thinking, not letting any bad guys escape.

Criminal Case mod

Download Criminal Case mod – Become a talented detective

Similar to crime investigation movies. If you’ve seen it, the gameplay of Criminal Case is nothing to be too confusing. Although there are many other people besides you, never think of pushing the job. The person who has the ability to soon bring the case to light as well as put the offender in jail is only you. Please show your role and influence in all situations. What you see always has a mystery behind, so do not ignore anything. Analyze them carefully, that can be evidence to close the crime for the suspect.

Criminal Case mod free

Change Grimsborough

The Criminal Case gives the player the ability to change entire cities. Crime and corruption are rioting this city and making it undeveloped. You and the team are among the few remaining rare to bring the dark landscape out of here. Cleaning up the crime ball is never easy but it is the long way we must accept. Your detective skills are tested through a series of bad guys and without any limits. Work harder to make the bad guys afraid to do illegal things. Then you are the one considered to be a bit successful.

Criminal Case mod download

Investigation with investigation skills

There are many different cases, and not always work goes well. Players have to deal with deadlock and sometimes even don’t know how to proceed. The Criminal Case gives you a variety of other skills, harnessing evidence from witnesses. It is also a way to shorten the investigation that ends faster. There are many types of crime, and you have to face the case where the guys behind have sophisticated ways of operating. Identifying and making them confess their guilt is not easy. Therefore, each game screen leaves players with more experience.

Criminal Case mod apk

Many cases happened everywhere

Bathroom, woods, curb, in a car, … or anywhere else. Those are the places where your work begins. Don’t change the state of the scene, it can make the case more complicated. Bring tools such as magnifying glasses, gloves to serve the investigation. The characteristics of each case are always arranged in a new style. So grasping it always creates difficulty for you. Players are challenged with all skills, collecting evidence, analyzing corpses in the laboratory and many other interesting things.

Criminal Case mod android

Criminal Case provides players with a lot of enjoyable experience. You can try your hand as part of the balance of justice. Admittedly, this city is slowly becoming gloomy as criminals and officials corrupt. Download the Criminal Case mod to familiarize yourself with many obstacles during its investigation and decoding.

How to Download & Install Criminal Case MOD APK (Unlimited energy, hints) for Android


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