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Updated on 20/11/2022 (4 months ago)
NameCrashlands APK
PublisherButterscotch Shenanigans
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SupportAndroid 5.0+
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Crashlands recreates the adventures of a driver lost to the mysterious planet Woanope. You transport goods suddenly one day, strangers are asking to take over your shipment. There’s nothing you can do about it, get threatened by them and send them off to a different planet. The story of the adventure of Flux Dabes is designed through funny but equally monstrous game images. Stuck on that alien planet, what do you have to do to survive and quickly return home? Fighting enemies and building yourself a makeshift home is probably best. Fighting alone in a mysterious place, how will you act?

When you try to get your cargo truck back, you also fall into the trap of dominance. Keeping alive on the planet Woanope is what you need to do most right now. You will start a new life considering this as a second home even if you don’t want it. But circumstances force you to survive, so live meaningfully in this strange place. You make a living by working hard, learning to cook, and conquering enemies. So you create relationships with local people to make friends, they help you. Whatever the hell can happen, find the mysteries around you will know many good things on this planet.

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Download Crashlands mod – adventure on an alien planet

The situation forces you to learn how to survive, to do things you never thought possible with Crashlands. Tame things, conquer enemies, or build houses to prolong your life. With all the intelligence you have, explore and explore the new things on this planet. The more things the player flips open, the more loot you collect. Players can also chat with creatures to capture information around. Crashlands equips you with mobile storage, you have the right to store things in it a lot. Create big goals and act according to your reason to survive.

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Confront dangerous creatures

Attacks in Crashlands happen so often that you get used to it. The enemies on the planet are always lurking and want to destroy you, so be careful. You must prepare muscular strength to be able to fight them in any situation. They have a team, link together to threaten you, grasp their fighting method, and you will succeed. The fearsome enemies are drawn in various colors, each with its unique power. Players who want to deal with them need outstanding agility and intelligence. You can level up your strength and collect many expensive support tools.

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Build your own home

One of the most critical tasks is designing a house just for you. That place will be the base for you to hide and survive for a longer time. In Crashlands, you can build quickly and set up your house the way you want. Through relationships with locals, you learn more recipes and how to build homes and survive. They are all friendly people, be neighbors with you to receive many benefits. The house is made of wood, and all furniture in the home can be found by hand. Obtaining items is all thanks to your hard work in exploring or fighting. Let’s build a beautiful and solid house!

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Learn to survive on the planet Woanope

The survival adventure on the planet Woanope is also considered an expensive art. Where you can encounter giant races, and new terrains to exploit, it may seem strange to you at first, but gradually you will get used to the new life, which is challenging and a wonderful experience. With hundreds of tasks to perform, dense enemies appear that make you admire. Each day of participation is a different experience, challenging each day separately. You spend all your time in Crashlands, and you will reap valuable loot. The number of points you need to reach is also the maximum level you need to overcome to enter the new game screen.

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From a strange place, transforming into a tight space will make players excited. The way you learn and explore to develop more on the planet Woanope makes everyone admire it. Attacks will not make it difficult for you if you are intelligent and alert enough. In this strange world, there is a lot to explore, new experiences need to be loaded into your adventure. You can build a monumental career in a foreign place with only two empty hands. Download Crashlands mod to start a new journey on a mysterious planet and learn how to survive the dangers around.

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