Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus MOD APK (Free skills)

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NameDungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus
PublisherFrozen Frog
MOD FeaturesFree skills
SupportAndroid 5.0+
Get it onGoogle Play
MOD Infomation

Use skills without energy cost

People will often think of the dungeon’s death and horror. Knowing more about these experiences, Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus will be very suitable. Gather the bravest warriors everywhere. Accompany them in endless battles. Show your fighting ability and judgment. Could you take it to the limit? This is the way to get the glory and power of heroes.

You are wrong if you think that Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus is a casual role-playing game. It has unique features to create its brand. From the image to the gameplay, it is superior to the previous version. The story of the game has also been improved with more exciting details. Open up completely new adventures for heroes. From there, players can be more comfortable building characters and exploiting everything here. You will see what the developer wants to convey during the experience.

Dungeon Survival 2 Legend of the Colossus mod

Download Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus mod – Breakthrough terrible dungeons

Coming to this game, your task will be straightforward and clear to be quickly followed with the support of the system. Lead your heroes through dungeons to win valuable rewards. Monsters will appear randomly on your way. Destroy all these monsters to be able to continue the journey. Let’s use the strength and fighting skills of the heroes to work together. After completing the tutorial, you can follow the instructions and develop your direction. Everything is going to be much more difficult later on.

When used, the hero’s skills consume a certain amount of energy. The more significant the influence, the greater the loss. You should calculate carefully to avoid falling into a disadvantageous situation.

Dungeon Survival 2 Legend of the Colossus mod free

Adventure and fight

Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus gives you six different character classes with unique abilities. You can freely choose and combine these characters to create the perfect squad. Dungeons with numbers up to hundreds wait for you to unlock and conquer. Moreover, many items in it can bring many benefits to the player. Diablo inspired the mighty equipment of the gods. Turn your character into an epic with extraordinary powers. Use all the abilities you have to fight non-stop. Show the world your incredible potential.

Dungeon Survival 2 Legend of the Colossus mod apk

Epic story

The story of Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus is built around dungeons. Hundreds of random events can happen that will surprise you. Meet influential new characters in each story. Witness the monstrous sources of power coming from great ancient forces. You will never feel alone because around you will have close companions. Let’s learn the past and people of the 18 main characters to understand the story better. Dig deep into the main plot to uncover the mystery of the ancient statue legend. All will create a unique journey that you have never seen.

Dungeon Survival 2 Legend of the Colossus mod apk free

Endless Dungeon

You will reach the specified dungeons according to the quests and the story. They are interconnected to form a clear hierarchy. There will be many different types of monsters and enemies in it. Each class will have a certain level of danger with many skills that damage your team. You will unlock the following location when you pass the designated essential dungeons. The difficulty will also be raised, and you must build the strength of the heroes accordingly. The higher their level and power, the easier it is to defeat their opponents and complete the challenge. At the same time, the rewards will also get bigger and bigger.

Dungeon Survival 2 Legend of the Colossus mod android

PvP combat

Still keeping the essence of the previous version, the game will not be without PvP mode. This is a place for heroes to fight and gain experience. If you are confident enough about the fighting power of the hero group, you can join here. Also, self-assess the level of strength and improve it in the future. The difficulty of this mode will vary depending on the status of the enemy player. You will always have to be careful not to lose to their unique strategy. Download Dungeon Survival 2: Legend of the Colossus mod now to start your battle.

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