Counter Shooter: Cover Fire MOD APK (Increased Gold/Gem) 1.0.5

Updated 26/03/2024 (3 months ago)
NameCounter Shooter: Cover Fire APK
PublisherLi Lin Chuang Xiang
MOD FeaturesIncreased Gold/Gem
SupportAndroid 4.4+
Get it onGoogle Play

Introduce MOD APK Counter Shooter: Cover Fire

To fight the reactionary, organizations need the most decisive action in Counter Shooter: Cover Fire MOD APK (Increased Gold/Gem). These can help purify and bring the world to a state of peace. Silently complete particular and challenging missions. Seize the best opportunities to destroy the enemy’s ranks. They are causing all their clues to collapse in vain. Please don’t give the enemy any more chance for them to rampage. When the time is right, you will become the world’s saviour. Something that only the superior can do.

You can attack any enemy without using real guns. This is something that only a game can do. It contributes to the realization of all our greatest dreams. Fight without limits and bring in new and better achievements. It’s also a gradual progression for yourself with learning and consistency. Able to adapt to all worst-case scenarios and evolve to resist them. We are here to carry out our unique missions. Make the world peaceful with all great efforts.

Counter Shooter Cover Fire mod

Download Counter Shooter: Cover Fire APK mod – Destroy all your enemies.

A top secret mission has been launched, killing all those belonging to the terrorist organization. With just one finger, you can control your character perfectly. Hide and dodge all the enemy bullets. Please wait for the opportunity and shoot back to destroy all of them. Proceed until you reach the exit door. Complete the mission without leaving any survivors. The gifts will be sent to you quickly. The following tasks will help you improve your skills even more with increasing difficulty. That is also the time when we will feel a lot of problems coming.

More than 200 types of guns

With such a vast number of guns, you will not worry about the lack of tools to fight. Guns are divided into pretty typical types on the market. From handguns, sniper rifles, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns… For you to freely choose as you like. Buying guns will build us a different strategy. For example, with a submachine gun, you need to pry perfectly. With a rifle, it is possible to destroy the enemy in a flash. A sight gun is where you can use a bullet to finish the enemy. They have their advantages and disadvantages that make them unique. Mastering all these weapons does not become a loss.

Counter Shooter Cover Fire mod apk

Comprehensive upgrade

The power of the initial weapon is not enough for you to join the problematic levels later. They need an upgrade to increase their stats. Touch enough or excess so you can fight even stronger ones. Suppress all their weapons with powerful counterattacks. In addition, armour and protective gear are also vital. Pay attention to upgrading these to increase your defence. Resist damage from enemies when openings can’t be defended. All suitable equipment will make you able to hit the road. Ready to face all new challenges without fear.

Counter Shooter Cover Fire mod free

We need to fight to find the path we have chosen. Countless new chapters will lead you to more dangerous challenges—the game screen is where we are moved into particular areas of the enemy. Overcome the difficulties and meet the bosses. It shows that it is not easy to destroy the entire root of the enemy. But as long as you have great determination, you will be recognized by Counter Shooter: Cover Fire APK 1.0.5.

How to Download & Install Counter Shooter: Cover Fire MOD APK (Increased Gold/Gem) for Android


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