Monster Storm2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) 1.2.3

Updated 06/02/2023 (8 months ago)
NameMonster Storm2 APK
PublisherSharpenPlay Entertainment
MOD FeaturesUnlimited money
SupportAndroid 4.1+
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Introduce Monster Storm2 MOD APK

After the great success of part 1, now Monster Storm has released an interesting and new 2nd version. We will continue to capture the most powerful monsters of Monster Storm2. Simulating a world where monsters are a common thing and associated with humans. You play as a trainer on a journey to conquer monsters. Use the balls to collect them and let them fight for you. Through the adventures, we will get a lot of strong monsters. Let’s go into the world of Monster Storm2 with me to become a great trainer.

Adapted from one of the fascinating works of Japanese culture: Pokemon. Monster Storm2 is an improved version and has more interesting features than the first one. Still talking about the process of the trainers on the way to conquer the monsters. The game will give us the most events and the clearest view of the competition of different players. All will capture and upgrade the power of monsters through many different places. Compete to compare whose monster is stronger. Such competitions happen every day. Bring in a huge amount of coaches involved.

Monster Storm2 mod

Download Monster Storm2 mod – Conquer monsters the strongest collection

If you are a beginner who is just starting to enter the world of Monster Storm, you will need to practice and learn some important knowledge. For example, what is a monster, what is a trainer, how to catch a monster… Once we have mastered the basics, we will begin to practice. You will sign up to become a coach and make your journey. Awarded to one of the three starter monsters. Now your journey has really begun. The scale of the world in Monster Storm2 is huge. You will have to go through a lot of different lands to find and collect monsters. Of course, it is impossible not to encounter many surprises ahead.

There are two types of monsters in the world of Monster Storm2. We can encounter monsters in the wild anywhere. Depending on the characteristics and climate of each place, there will be monsters that can comfortably adapt to that place. It’s a useful source of information, so you know which monsters to catch where. After successfully dueling them, you can recruit them as your teammates. That’s the second type of monster. Me, you, and all the trainers in the world use this method to add more monsters.

Monster Storm2 mod apk free

Puzzles throughout the journey

The trainer will provide quests for you to complete throughout your adventure—relatively simple tasks such as subjugating monsters, fighting trainers. The quest list is enough for you to do until the climax of the plot. When completed, you will receive experience and money. Sometimes items like balls containing monsters, even a rare monster. Do the same quests to let you feel less jobless in the adventures. Every time you visit a few important cities, a hidden quest will appear. Remember to do them to get the secret gift.

Monster Storm2 mod free

Confront the villains

If the monster world becomes peaceful, it will be fun and comfortable. But in this journey, there will be many villains appearing. Most of them will claim to be from mysterious organizations specializing in kidnapping and using monsters for inhuman experiments. Of course, when you encounter, you will have to confront those villains. Be careful because the monsters they own are also perilous. Most will be covered with terrifying black smoke. With powerful moves that can defeat any monster. We really need the right tactics to deal with them. If you win, you will receive a special reward.

Monster Storm2 mod apk

Use monsters properly

Monsters are an integral part of Monster Storm2. Therefore, we need to have a reasonable way to build them to be stronger and stronger. After capturing, you have to evaluate which type this monster belongs to strength and stats like. From there, decide what role it can play in battles. Elements such as class and profession seem to have been associated with the souls of monsters. Harness those strengths to upgrade into the right monster’s forte. From there will create the strongest monsters, you can own. Fighting with trainers or villains won’t be so difficult anymore.

Monster Storm2 free

An extremely new but equally interesting version of the monsters in the magic ball. The adventure of the trainers will continue as long as the monsters cannot be captured. Monster Storm2 will continue the unfinished journey in the first part. Depicts the happiest and most beautiful monster world.

How to Download & Install Monster Storm2 MOD APK (Unlimited money) for Android

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